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Found 3 results

  1. So after my friends constant persuasion, I tried a Mission Delta that he uses on his Nautique 230. For the record, it does make the Nautique pretty fun to surf with a really nice, pushy, skim style wake. I installed it on my evenly weighted V226 and was unimpressed to say the least. Very little push and the wave was short.......I then tried the combination of the shaper and a slight list, it made it surfible but the wave was still short. I pulled the shaper off and kept the same slight list and the wave instantly gained height and push! Finally I weighted the boat for it's normal listed wave and it was back to big, long, and awesome! All of this was done on the regular side. Bottom line, the shapers might not be a great investment if you are a V226 owner looking for a great wave. I agreed to do this experiment looking for a way to speed up the regular to goofy switch times! I guess I will keep throwing lead and filling/dumping bags . ☹️
  2. Hey Crew, I'm working on tuning my surf wake on my '06 Elite V Air Warrior, and need some help. I'm a big dude, 6'3" 265 or so. Just purchased a Doomswell Neo 4'10" and can ride all day in the pocket now, but the problem is I can't seem to lengthen the pocket. I'm literally 2 feet behind the platform for the best drive. Setup: 2x750's in the lockers Suckgate (which I wish could go lower on the hull, but can't due the the step in the Elite V) 250 Center Ballast full Integrated bow sac (probably 300lb full) - I've played with this weight the most since it seems to create noticeable change. Often it's just me and my wife in the boat since we like to go after work during the week to enjoy the glass. I've noticed a good bit more push when I have additional folks in the boat, but unfortunately have had limited surf time under these conditions since there's always kids that want to.... you guessed it, tube. Any pointers are greatly appreciated.
  3. ok so buddy brought down his 2013 axis a22 to the river this weekend , I demoed a a24 a few years ago with surfgate and was not impressed at all so I wasn't expecting much, figured we would be mostly on my boat.. he happened to have a mission delta suckgate with him, well to my surprise his goofy wave was great, not to the level of my boat but it was a wave I believe most guys would be more than happy with. in fact it did much better weighted evenly than it did listed. so after seeing how amazing of a job it did on his boat I asked if we could give it a shot on my boat 2015 FS44/RAM/PnP/CATS, no quicksurf..so we filled the bow and PnP 100% and 60% both sides of the RAM, keep in mind we have only ever surfed listed and have the best wave on the river down here, all I can say is I was blown away buy how great of a job this little thing did, now im not claiming it matched my normal wave but id have to say it was pretty darn close, super long, great push, huge, and really clean on both sides of the boat, the only thing I really noticed was the top edge of the wake was not quite as clean and crisp but I believe we could have played with the position a little to clean it up. so if anybody has been considering one of these id say its a great product, I would have never believed it had I not tried it myself, I'm ordering me one this week for the simple fact it produces a amazing wake and its super fast to switch sides 20 seconds opposed to two minutes and wasting fuel, not to say I wont still list my boat, but when you have a full boat of people who surf both sides and will not notice subtle differences you wont have to reballast every time you switch riders....

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