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Found 4 results

  1. Does anyone have a Focal 12" Subwoofer Grill cover they no longer need? The 2015 FS44 I just purchased did not include it. Thanks!
  2. I have been combing through the forums trying to find a good project log of a start to finish stereo overhaul. The numerous threads out there have all given me a better understanding of the workings of speakers, amps, subs, but I still had a few more questions. BASELINE: Sony receiver with built-in amp mounted by steering wheel. 4 in-boat Skylon speakers that came stock on my 2009 Elite V C4. I do not know any details on the existing system and have contacted Fineline for some specs on what was included with this model. Newer smart phones will only connect through AUX cord in the receiver and I would like to upgrade to a receiver with Bluetooth for less cables running through the helm. OBJECTIVE: I am not worried about blasting music 70' back to a wakeboarder at the end of the line. This is 90% to achieve better in boat audio when at running speed. The existing four speakers have to be cranked all the way to hear while running for those in the main cabin to hear the tunes. Bow hears virtually nothing. I'd like for cabin to be much higher quality without turning the system all the way up in addition to adding 2 speakers to the open bow for those passengers enjoyment. 10% concern: Down the road I want to consider tower speakers so our surfers can enjoy the tunes with better quality as well. Summary: Replace existing receiver with one that allows for bluetooth connection, replace existing 4 in-boat speakers in main cabin with 4 higher output speakers w/ LED, install two bow speakers of equal output w/ LED, add amp for sufficient power for 6 speakers. Questions: Which receiver are people using with good experience? Any benefit to having the same brand amps, speakers as the receiver? Only need is bluetooth functionality. I've read guidance on proper amp power all suggesting 1.5-2x channel power for RMS rating of speakers being used. I would love guidance on how many channels are appropriate for what is essentially a 6 speakers system with no tower speakers or subwoofers. When thinking about expanding the system in the future, how will adding tower speakers play a role in amp selection (more channels)? Rev 10's are the most suggested tower speakers on the forum, what is a proper in boat speaker? I do not need the best sounding boat on the lake, just simply an upgrade to not feel like my existing speaker are going to blow every time we want to hear our music clearly when running 20mph+. I am reasonably hands on and have a climate controlled storage area with which to do these changes myself over the winter. Is cutting in two speaker holes for the bow and installing myself (w/ a partner) a reality? Suggestions are welcome for specific tools for cutting, installation tips, etc. What are the increased battery needs of the system? I am going to also be installing a 2nd battery with perco switch and am thinking about whether any components should run off their own battery. Any comments are welcome and appreciated! JDG
  3. Sub Location

    Hi all. First time question poster, long time reader... Question is, I'm struggling with finding the correct Sub application / combination in my boat. Everything sounds great except the sub. It's loud and goes deep, but just sounds muddy and boomy not all the time, but most of the time. Current set up is an Alpine MRP M1000 amp pushing a Rockford Fosgate 12" P3 Sub in a ported 13"X16"X18" pre-built box. My boat is a 2000 Elite V with the famous footrest under the helm, and fiberglass box that the driver seat sits on. Awesome combination when trying to stuff a box under the helm... See attached picture of current set up. My question is, should I go non-ported, fire the sub at the hull, build a custom box, or ??? What have others done that sounds great in a similar boat? I would appreciate any and all suggestions
  4. Last Peace of the Puzzle

    OK i have read all the posts and still undecided so i have till Wednesday to make the final decision and here is the question. W6 sub with JL Marine 750 Amp of the Wet sounds Sub and a Syn Amp? Going into a SV230 with all wet sounds except the factory kicker sub at this point. sw420, 6 in boa t/ 4 pro 60's and pro 485 on 2 Syn 4 and a Syn 2. Local custom shop confident in the JL but I am not 100% sold. Feed Back?

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