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Found 4 results

  1. Do you store your boat for the winter WITH or WITHOUT the seat cushions? I live in the Seattle area and have typically taken my seat cushions out of the boat and put them in my attic before taking the boat to an off-site heated storage barn. I've done this for the past 5-6 years to ensure great air-flow in the boat and prevent mold. Is this overkill? What do you do?
  2. Making it known that we are here and taking the time to introduce ourselves. Lake Holiday Marina has carried both brands for just over a calendar year with several boats from both brands on the water being enjoyed by local and OOS customers and several boats/models from both Centurion and Supreme in-stock. We are a Full Service Marina and the largest supplier of Shore-station Lifts and Waterfront Equip. in Chicago-land and North-Central IL. Our primary Water-sports Contact is Shaun Fredrickson. Shaun graduated from Wyotech's Core and Advanced Marine Technology Programs with Honors, a 4.0GPA and additionally nominated and accepted into the National Technical Honors Society. During and after this time he was employed full time at Atlantic Marine in Port Orange, FL as an Apprentice Technician while receiving Certifications for Yamaha, Mercury, Tahatsu and AMTech Certs for both Carb. and EFI Personal Watercraft Largest Malibu/Axis Dealer in Chicagoland as the Secondary Inboard Tech Mastercraft Dealer as Lead Tech/Service Management Indmar/Ilmor Engines Certs New Yacht Rigging for Cruiser/Prestige Yachts Dealer Current; Towboat Sales, ProShop Management, Avid Wakesurfer and Wakeboarder LHM -Operations Manager shaun@lakeholidaymarina.com 320 Holiday Dr. Somonauk, IL 60552 815.498.2947 www.lakeholidaymarina.com
  3. Any one know if you can buy these after market? or has anyone bought one for another boat and retro fited it? i have a 2009 centurion avalanche. i would like to get one of these over the engine tubs to store ropes etc. in. I have attached an image of what i mean. thanks.
  4. Wondering if other owners have experienced some pretty dark pinking on their swim pad area (storage locker covers) and if there are any tricks to avoid it. This is our first season (1st month really) owning this boat and the vinyl when we purchased it was nearly perfect. Noticed the other day when pulling back the cover the back of the boat had some pretty bad discoloration. I literally had a stomach ache. The pinking does dissipate over time when in the sun. Apparently the UV rays break down the discoloration. My concern is that it will eventually become more permanent. So I did some reading, there is a pretty thorough article about this issue here: http://marinefabricatormag.com/articles/0514_f2_vinyl_discoloration.html Sounds like it's directly related to high heat. Some people argued that the whole boat would turn color but IMO it's because the black cover is in direct contact with the vinyl, this is really the only location on the boat where the cover lays on the vinyl. So I've messed around try laying towels on the back then putting the cover on, then I tried a bed comforter thinking it would create a space of air to reduce the heat. Neither of those ideas work. Tenting the cover up in that area so that it clears the vinyl is pretty much impossible with the cover I have. A person would have to create a pretty elaborate system to do that. Obviously I'd like to store indoors but our garage is not nearly big enough. I'm going to store indoors for the winter but during the summer we park it at the house, throw the cover on and go out the next day or two. Have you guys experienced this? Found any solutions to this? Thanks, Here's a link to a picture: https://lh4.googleusercontent.com/vVl4-Lc-NykFvOv7TfgBZM3tALLoj3Nvw1mVUV0qy7cZjq2BNd-BPD4FmJN1McgDjydVJijsOzk=w1443-h659

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