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Found 8 results

  1. Hi, Has anyone installed mechanical stereo volume controls? Looking for dedicated buttons or rotating knob as I find the touch screen only volume controls less than ideal. Boat: 2021 Centurion VI22 Stereo: Centurion CHAMP Audio Package w/1 pair BLACK Pro Rev10 Wet Sounds Tower Spkrs, Integrated ICE Stereo, AM/FM USB On-Screen Controls, 8" BLACK Interior Spkrs and 12" Sub Thanks!
  2. Hey crew! After 15 years of filling up 3500lbs of fat sacs and using a wake shaper on my dad’s ‘94 MC Prostar 205, I was finally able to convince him to go in on a new boat with me. We ended up picking up a 2021 Fi23 60hrs for a great price and just got it launched on our lake a few days ago. I have to say, this boat is an absolute dream! I can finally fit my whole family and kids on the boat and not lose 1.5 hrs filling and tearing down the boat! Can’t wait to get a killer surf season out of it this year! Anyway, so far everything seems to be working great on it except I can’t quite seem to figure out the stereo/accessory system, or the wireless charger phone holder. When I received the boat last fall I recall the charger not working right away but eventually my phone picked it up, but now with my iPhone 13, it doesn’t seem to want to charge, even with the case off. The other issue is the stereo accessory mode. It seems the stereo should work when the key switch is to the left but it doesn’t seem to turn the stereo on. There’s an accessory button to the left but it doesn’t seem to do much either. At one point the music randomly stayed on but we couldn’t figure out how it happened. Perhaps there’s a secret combination of the accessory button and key switch we're missing? Also if the stereo comes on with the ignition turned left, how do you control the volume without the dash? Any tips would be greatly appreciated, thanks!
  3. Hey guys, new here. I have a 2017 RI257 and having an issue with the radio. Everything on the stereo will show it is playing a song on Bluetooth or connected via aux cord but nothing will play until the engine is on. I can turn the engine off with music playing but will only play for 30 seconds until and the sound will quit but the song will continue to go on the stereo and my phone. Any suggestions? Thanks!
  4. I have been combing through the forums trying to find a good project log of a start to finish stereo overhaul. The numerous threads out there have all given me a better understanding of the workings of speakers, amps, subs, but I still had a few more questions. BASELINE: Sony receiver with built-in amp mounted by steering wheel. 4 in-boat Skylon speakers that came stock on my 2009 Elite V C4. I do not know any details on the existing system and have contacted Fineline for some specs on what was included with this model. Newer smart phones will only connect through AUX cord in the receiver and I would like to upgrade to a receiver with Bluetooth for less cables running through the helm. OBJECTIVE: I am not worried about blasting music 70' back to a wakeboarder at the end of the line. This is 90% to achieve better in boat audio when at running speed. The existing four speakers have to be cranked all the way to hear while running for those in the main cabin to hear the tunes. Bow hears virtually nothing. I'd like for cabin to be much higher quality without turning the system all the way up in addition to adding 2 speakers to the open bow for those passengers enjoyment. 10% concern: Down the road I want to consider tower speakers so our surfers can enjoy the tunes with better quality as well. Summary: Replace existing receiver with one that allows for bluetooth connection, replace existing 4 in-boat speakers in main cabin with 4 higher output speakers w/ LED, install two bow speakers of equal output w/ LED, add amp for sufficient power for 6 speakers. Questions: Which receiver are people using with good experience? Any benefit to having the same brand amps, speakers as the receiver? Only need is bluetooth functionality. I've read guidance on proper amp power all suggesting 1.5-2x channel power for RMS rating of speakers being used. I would love guidance on how many channels are appropriate for what is essentially a 6 speakers system with no tower speakers or subwoofers. When thinking about expanding the system in the future, how will adding tower speakers play a role in amp selection (more channels)? Rev 10's are the most suggested tower speakers on the forum, what is a proper in boat speaker? I do not need the best sounding boat on the lake, just simply an upgrade to not feel like my existing speaker are going to blow every time we want to hear our music clearly when running 20mph+. I am reasonably hands on and have a climate controlled storage area with which to do these changes myself over the winter. Is cutting in two speaker holes for the bow and installing myself (w/ a partner) a reality? Suggestions are welcome for specific tools for cutting, installation tips, etc. What are the increased battery needs of the system? I am going to also be installing a 2nd battery with perco switch and am thinking about whether any components should run off their own battery. Any comments are welcome and appreciated! JDG
  5. Hey Everyone, First question from a new user! I have a 2013 Enzo 230+ that I bought new and have been getting bad feedback from my Wetsounds stereo this summer that has been getting worse. It only happens when the boat is running which makes me think it's a ground issue somewhere. Anyone have issues like this? Any suggestions as to where I should start looking? Also shoutout to the AB Canada Crew on here! Anyone out at Ghost Lake? Anyone make it down to Koocanusa last weekend? If not, you missed out! Thanks in advance! Jeff
  6. I am looking to upgrade my sound. When I bought the boat, I wasn't too concerned. I bought the stock stereo etc. Now the kids want some tunes while they surf. There are no dedicated marine audio centers but a few RV audio centers that dabble in marine here in Northern Utah. I wouldn't mind doing it myself or getting help from a car audio place. My dealer no longer carries Centurion. Centurion dealer 1.5 hours away has a great reputation but has not communicated well on the few repairs they have done. They have done a nice job but there seems to be wall that stops communication between the front end and the service center (maybe unfair criticism on my part). My data: 2014 Centurion SV233, Gladiator Tower, stock Clarion M303 stereo (usb and bluetooth work well), 4-stock speakers (possibly 6 inch?) Questions: 1. Can an amp simply be plugged into the back of my stereo, mounted, and then run to new tower speakers? What Amp? Where would the power come from? Would my stock speakers still run off of the stereo. 2. People are raving about "Rev 10's" on this site. The videos and comments are fantastic. They look HUGE. They seem so wide. I was hoping to have some that are a bit less physically intrusive (more head room). How would a pair of Rev-8's be on underside, laterally, on the gladiator tower? Would they fit on this mounting area? Would they have acceptable fidelity? Any other suggestions?
  7. Hi - I have a brand new Enzo SS210 and just got back from using it this weekend. Three issues arose. I was wondering if anyone has experienced anything similar: 1) When filled @ 100%, the rear starboard ballast completely busted off the wood lockers / partitions that protect it from hitting the engine. The metal track rail which helps house the wood partitions was completely broken off, and the switch locks on the partitions themselves became bent, making it near impossible for them to be locked back in place properly. No foul play was involved and this was only the 3rd time using this ballast. 2) There appears to be a battery draw and we've had to jump the boat before launching in the water a few times now. We've made sure all lights and systems are shut off before taking it out of the water; however we still ran into this issue last weekend. 3) The stereo shuts off if the boat is fully powered on (even when key is turned to ACC). Any insight into the genesis of these issues and potential solutions would be helpful. Thanks!
  8. I'm looking for some suggestions where i can install couple marine speakers? There are currently two speakers installed in the back panel by the rear seat but just noy loud enough. It has a Air Boom tower that i will end up buying tower speakers but for now i'm just looking to keep them in the boat. I currently have the Rockford Fosgate RFX3000

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