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Found 5 results

  1. So it’s about that time that I need to replace the steering cable for my ‘99 Bowrider. Gonna do the job myself. I tried finding a part number for it but couldn’t. Anyone able to help? Thanks!
  2. Hi Everyone, just bought this boat and need major TLC! Can anyone help me with the following? Water Impeller belt driven... The pulley seized, not sure if its the impeller that did this or if the housing and pulley is seized... where can I get the part? Links, part numbers? Can I replace the entire housing with the pulley? Help! My steering cable is still as hell when turning right... part number, links on this cable? Teleflex rack I believe..not sure length etc.. Also would like to do a tune up and need to find out where to get parts etc. One more thing... How do I change the transmission fluid?? What kind of fluid and how much?? Thanks Links, pics, part numbers etc would be a major help for a newbie with good mechanical skills, thanks!!!
  3. I have a 2006 Centurian Avalanch C4. Its been a great boat and is still in fantastic shape. Last year the steering started to get harder to turn. I read online that it was most likely the steering cable. I shopped the cable and can get one for under 200$. I have asked two dealers to quote me a price on installing it but am having a difficult time getting an answer. One wants me to bring it in and have them look at it before they will tell me a price the other has not called me back after several calls to them. Has anyone out there done this on their Avalanche and do you have any advice for me if I decide to tackle it. I believe I just have to undo the 4 bolts where the rack attaches to the steering column and then undo the cotter pin and bolt where it attaches to the rudder mechanism. It feels like there is also another small bracket about 12-18 18" forward of where the end attaches to the rudder. Does that bracket need to come off to remove the cable - I cant see or reach it very well. Any help would be much appreciated. I am 6'4" with lone arms but it is still way down there for me. Seems like there must be an easier way. Thanks for any help!
  4. Steering wheel is starting to become noticeably harder to turn on my 2012 v226. I was going to try some grease before replacing the cable. Anyone have any other troubleshooting suggestions? thx
  5. I just purchased boat with almost zero hours so been sitting for 6 years. When I turn the steering wheel it “catches” in different spots when rotating lock to lock. It can be forced past these with serious driver input. Can also gently work the wheel back and forth slightly against the “catch” and it eventually will go past it. Adjusting the tilt steering angles has no effect. I’m ready to figure out what I need for a cable and replace it but I suspect the problem is in the column. Any suggestions?

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