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  1. I purchased a used Enzo SV240 at the beginning of last summer and couldn't be more happy with the wake I was able to achieve after upgrading many of the ballasts. The sound system on the boat is next up to be upgraded, currently the tower speakers can barely be heard when wakesurfing. After some inspection to the system I believe the issue is due to under sized amplifier for the number of speakers on board. Currently the boat has a Kicker MX350.4 channel amplifier which can put out 60 watts RMS x 4 or 175 watts RMS x 2. This amplifier is rigged such that the tower speakers (Skylon 8" pair https://www.the-house.com/wbskrub325utsp8zz-skylon-tower-sepakers.html) are operating in bridged mode while the in boat speakers (6 Skylon 6" in boat speaker) are powered together in the four channel mode. I would like to get a better sound experience in my boat and I am thinking upgrading the amp is the perfect place to start. My question is should I simply try to find an amp big enough to power all these speakers or should I add an additional amp to power the tower speakers and then use this one to only power the onboard speakers. Thanks for the help!
  2. Hey everyone, My family currently has a 2005 Enzo SV230, but we just placed an order for a '19 Fi23 this past weekend! After doing some reading around here, we decided to skip the downfire system and add some Wetsounds speakers. We are only going with a pair of speakers and will be using clamp mounts to get them out of the walking path (me and many of my family members are 6'3" +). Our dealer is suggesting that a pair of Rev 8's would be plenty, but I'm leaning towards a pair of Rev 10's. We normally have audio running when we're surfing or cruising, but not for tubing, wakeboarding, etc. mainly because our current setup can't reach back that far without deafening everyone in the boat. Would a pair of Rev 10's be overkill?
  3. I am looking to upgrade my sound. When I bought the boat, I wasn't too concerned. I bought the stock stereo etc. Now the kids want some tunes while they surf. There are no dedicated marine audio centers but a few RV audio centers that dabble in marine here in Northern Utah. I wouldn't mind doing it myself or getting help from a car audio place. My dealer no longer carries Centurion. Centurion dealer 1.5 hours away has a great reputation but has not communicated well on the few repairs they have done. They have done a nice job but there seems to be wall that stops communication between the front end and the service center (maybe unfair criticism on my part). My data: 2014 Centurion SV233, Gladiator Tower, stock Clarion M303 stereo (usb and bluetooth work well), 4-stock speakers (possibly 6 inch?) Questions: 1. Can an amp simply be plugged into the back of my stereo, mounted, and then run to new tower speakers? What Amp? Where would the power come from? Would my stock speakers still run off of the stereo. 2. People are raving about "Rev 10's" on this site. The videos and comments are fantastic. They look HUGE. They seem so wide. I was hoping to have some that are a bit less physically intrusive (more head room). How would a pair of Rev-8's be on underside, laterally, on the gladiator tower? Would they fit on this mounting area? Would they have acceptable fidelity? Any other suggestions?
  4. I have liked my decision so much, i have decided to share my experience with all of you! After hours of research, I decided to go with a pair of Exile Audio's XM7, swivel mount tower speakers. It just seemed to make sense to go with speakers that you could EASILY remove from the tower and stow inside, preventing weathering and theft. This company had solid customer service as well. Somehow, our wakeboard rope managed to wrap around the speaker mount before pulling someone up. Once we propelled forward, the weight of the wakeboard rider yanked the speaker mount out of its socket, completely destroying one connection. I sent an email to exile audio and within one hour i got a response that they would replace the mount at no cost. One week later, the mount arrived. They even payed for shipping! Thanks Exile! http://exileaudio.co...er-speaker.html *Video above are incredibly similar to the ones from Exile. Just wanted to show the ease and the concept of swivel speakers

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