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Found 5 results

  1. I love the roar of my boat when it is idling but I didn't care for the overly loud exhaust when i was cruising down the lake. By the end of the day my crew and i were all def between the music and the exhaust. I have seen many posts on this topic but I didn't see one this inexpensive so i figured i would share. I installed these in my 4" exhaust tubes going from the Sideswipe valve to the exhaust tip. It took me about 30 minutes per side and cost me ~$100 with shipping. I saw no loss in power the boat is somewhat quieter going down the lake but the real magic happens when I switch my exhaust to one side. It almost goes silent. A bit like captains call. I saw almost no reduction in idle sound with both exhaust ports open. Perfect for me. Here are the silencers I installed: http://www.cpperformance.com/p-12622-4-slip-in-silencer.aspx Here are some pictures of my install. Basically came down to drilling one hole in the exhaust tube to hold the silencer in place. Hardest part was taking the tubes out. Came down to brute strength and ignorance.
  2. Hi everyone, new to the site and have a quick question. I just bought an 06 Avy C4 storm 3 and already want more ballast. It has the factory Center and rear hard tanks, I’m going to replace the rear locker tanks with 1100’s and just trying to figure out which ones will fit better. I do have sideswipe which I will build covers for before the bags go in. Now fatsacs are 50” x 24” x 24”. The ones that WakeMAKERS sells are 45” x 25” x 25”. I’m thinking the WakeMAKERS ones will be better as they are shorter to clear the exhaust... is this what everyone has been using? thank you!
  3. Anyone know where I can get the new sideswipe baffles that are supposed to reduce noise? Bakes used to carry them but they have been out of stock forever. I asked my boat dealer and he said Centurion doesn't make them, they are aftermarket and he doesn't know where to get them. Any idea where I can find them?
  4. Can anyone out there help me with sideswipe wiring? The previous owner of my boat screwed up alot of wiring in it and the sideswipe wiring is unhooked at the switch panel. A wiring diagram and / or a pic of how the back of the switch is wired (which color wires, etc). I think I have all the wires available there to hook back up...just don't know how. There are a few purple wires that are labeled sideswipe and a couple heavier gauge red ones. Thanks in advance crew...
  5. Hi all, I just bought an 05 Avalanche C4 Storm series with built in hard sacks for port, starbort, and center. I NEED MORE WEIGHT!! So I was thinking of getting an Enzo Sac for the port side (dont care about the dark side really), and plumbing it into the existing hard sac lines for the port side. What do you think? There is currently a piece of wood screwed in between the rear compartment and the seat, has anybody had problems removing this? In addition I have a Side Swipe exhaust and am worried about the exhaust getting too hot and possibly melting the bag. Should I be worried, is it a problem, should i just build a box around it to protect the sac? What do you think of using the existing pumps, is it really worth it to upgrade price vs. time? Below is a pic of my current setup, 3 sacs around 400# plus 5 people in boat, im really looking to be able to surf with just a spotter and a driver. Thanks, Mark

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