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Found 3 results

  1. Long time lookielou, first time Centurion owner; went on a 240 last year and the wake blew my mind. Currently, the boat has factory ballast, tabs, but no switchblade. I want to begin my upgrades as soon as possible. Those of you with this boat, what is the ideal ballast setup? My goal is to create the most push possible (our riders will be up to 6'8" 265 lbs), even if this means a reduction in wave length. I plan to have a custom sac installed to max out the port side rear and underseat storage, but what else should I do? Is there anything to be weary of in installing such a large ballast (damage to compartment, to sideswipe exhaust, etc.) Is additional weight on the goofy side necessary beyond the 500 lbs in the factory tanks (assuming we don't intend to surf that side?) I understand additional weight in the back is good to a point, but them may become counterproductive. Will additional port side weight be beneficial beyond the max custom sac (I will not be sure how much weight will be added by the custom sac until I take measurments, but I imagine it will be between 1600-1800 lbs. If additional portside weight is beneficial, where do you put it and in what form (just on top of the seats, etc.)? Sorry to ask such a basic, new-ish question, but there it is I understand that fill times for a custom sac are about 30 mins unless you make rather significant changes to the intakes (caused by, as I understand it, a combination of impeller rates and the sprinkler-style setup). Are there any simple impeller pump upgrades that materially shorten fill times? Before I cut holes into the boat, I want to check Answers to any of these, or even just what you found to be the best setup, would be sincerely appreciated.
  2. Lets see those WAVES regular goofy ? both sides name your boat and weight!!! SURFS UP 2011 ENZO SV230 3000+lbs or somethin like that
  3. Hi all, I just bought an 05 Avalanche C4 Storm series with built in hard sacks for port, starbort, and center. I NEED MORE WEIGHT!! So I was thinking of getting an Enzo Sac for the port side (dont care about the dark side really), and plumbing it into the existing hard sac lines for the port side. What do you think? There is currently a piece of wood screwed in between the rear compartment and the seat, has anybody had problems removing this? In addition I have a Side Swipe exhaust and am worried about the exhaust getting too hot and possibly melting the bag. Should I be worried, is it a problem, should i just build a box around it to protect the sac? What do you think of using the existing pumps, is it really worth it to upgrade price vs. time? Below is a pic of my current setup, 3 sacs around 400# plus 5 people in boat, im really looking to be able to surf with just a spotter and a driver. Thanks, Mark

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