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Found 8 results

  1. I just purchased a new 2016 S238 Supreme and wonder if an all inclusive owners manual exists as the dealership didn't have one for me, only individual pamphlets on different components of the boat. I'm looking for a manual that covers everything front to back like the owners manual for a vehicle. Also I'm looking for a detailed parts manual as well. Thanks in advance!....Blair
  2. I had nearly 60 gallons siphoned out of my boat last week. I keep my boat covered in a private inside storage area with 19 other boats. Supposedly, the building owner and the other 19 boat owners are the only ones with access. The storage building owner says they are not responsible which I understand and I was not the only victim but I do not want to be a victim again. Does anyone know of a gas fill lock that is plug-n-play with the stock fill caps on a 2017 S238 or am I gonna have to replace the fill cap closure?
  3. Just got a new 2019 S238 with all available ballast and an additional 1000 pounds of lead bags. Having a hard time getting push out of the wave. Anyone want to share their settings?
  4. Hi, can anyone tell me the part number for the raw water impeller of a 2017 supreme s238? Thanks, Craig
  5. Lead

    Ok, so I have the wakemakers upgrade in the works. I'm about to buy some lead too. I'm on http://www.pop-products.com/our-products.html. They are saying they suggest max 400lbs. I was going to buy the 520lbs package. Do I need the 800lbs? Is this the lead you all are buying? Their website is a little plain but lead is lead, right? I thought there was another company but not sure what it was called or what's better/who's better to buy from. Let me know! Thanks! Mike
  6. I bought a 238 here is SOCAL a couple months ago. I was wonder if anyone has done anything with a bow/front Bimini top. It would sure be nice to have a little more shade.
  7. I keep meaning to ask this but forgot. As many of you know, I just got my boat. From day one I noticed the starboard bench seat doesn't go down all the way. The seat is actually starting to bend... Anyone have this issue? Seems to be a rubber piece on the end that is not installed in the correct place as it causes the bench seat to not fit unless the corner seat is out. If I pull the corner seat it fits but then the corner doesn't fit back in its spot. Is it just me? I'll try and snap a picture this weekend... Mike
  8. Hi All, Brand new to the forum. I'm about to buy a 2017 S238. It's my first surf boat. My family is myself, my wife, and 2 young kids. We are coming off another boat and just trying to figure out if I'm making the right choice. We love the boat(but haven't been on the water in it). It's cold here now and boating season is over... My dealer is telling me the S238 wave is awesome and it needs NOTHING extra. He is saying inexperienced people are why I'm reading that I'll need to add to the boat. In my mind, if I need to add anything, it's not a surf boat. Why build a boat that makes a wake that you can't surf and call it a surf boat? Is my thinking wrong? My current boat makes a wake but I can't surf it...what's the difference? I've actually heard that Race city marina(who I do see posting here) has said that the S238 wave was just as good as the G23(150k boat?) wave...I hope Race city can come confirm or deny this was said and maybe even let us know if it's actually true. I'm not talking bells and whistles. I'm talking surfable out of the box or not with my family in the boat. NOT 10 people. Plain and simple. Can I please hear from some owners and dealers who can honestly tell me the stock boat is going to surf fine before I spend a lot of money on a boat for surfing? Any help is appreciated. I am having a really hard time between listening to the dealer and reading everything on the internet. Thank you! Mike

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