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Found 6 results

  1. Hi, looking to purchase a 2015 s21 for surf and ski. Looks like great surf boat but does anyone have any experience with boat as a ski boat? Not looking for a competition ski wake. Thanks Mike
  2. Hey everyone. Just curious if there was any information on the actual heights of Supreme boats on their trailers? Asking more for garage clearance heights than anything else. I've been checking out the S211 and S21 and wanted to know if they'd fit in a garage with the tower down.
  3. Hi all, We put our boat in the slip for the first time and noticed that it is listing a bit. We took it out and made sure to open the quick fills and then closed, but still seems to be listing on the port side a tad bit. We did not notice that when we put it in the water on Saturday. I checked the PNP bags, ran the bilge, etc. just be certain (plug is definitely in, made sure of that when we went out). Any other obvious / stupid things I should have checked? It isn't listing badly, but enough to see it is obviously listing to the port side.
  4. Hi All, We bought a 2014 Supreme S1 from the guys at Northwest in Portland (Great guys) this winter. Trying to dial-in the wake on the Columbia River and would very much appreciate some pointers. Older posts have suggested for regular something similar to the below. Is this still what others are using? We had them add surf tabs. Port Side Quick Fill Full Port Side PNP Full Starboard side PNP ~200-250 lbs Center trim tab 50%-75% We had them add surf tabs. These don't seem to be helping much. Most likely user error. Any help / suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Thanks.
  5. So I just noticed that the Boat Builder is updated on the totally outdated looking Ski Supreme website. Looks like the options list is all still old news unfortunately. I'm extremely hopeful that the quickfill tanks are more than 500lbs each. Decided to "build" some S226's. Would like to see what the Crew can come up with. BTW, I still haven't demo'd one yet. So don't get all excited that this is happening yet.
  6. The 2014 NMMA Minneapolis Boat Show is just around the corner Thurs. Jan. 30th - Sun. Feb. 2nd at the Minneapolis Convention Center booth #2102 We will be there as usual, with one big change. This year we will be exclusively displaying Centurions and Supreme. The Body Glove FX44 will be displayed as well as the new Supreme S21. Stop in and see what we have to offer. As you would expect we'll be displaying our best prices of the year on all models. This is our 5th year in the inboard boat market, and we're a relatively new kid on the block with Centurion, this being our 2nd year with the brand. While we may not be the biggest dealership on the block we do have plenty of experience to meet the demands of our inboard boat customers. We aren't your "typical" small dealership just dabbling in inboards trying to move a few units. Prior to this month I managed the service and parts department for the last 3 years. One thing that's important to me as a consumer is having the best brands available to me, so I researched and brought in ALL the best brands of accessories for your boats. We now have lots of experience to draw from and are only getting busier. We do custom installs, and the basics like winterizing and storage. One thing we do that you might find helpful is each of our boats gets it's own 15 - 20 min. video presentation we upload to our youtube channel. As the weather warms I will have each boat lake tested and while doing so will be doing additional videos of the wake, CATS, and RAMFILL. That way those who might be in the market for a new boat can get as much information as they possibly can without actually setting foot in the boat. I hope to see some of you there, and please, stop by to say hello. I'd enjoy meeting you and hopefully we can talk some boats! If you are in the market for a new boat give me a call I may have some free admission tickets left. Shaun Kolar FamilyMarineBoats.com Family Marine Youtube Channel

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