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Found 4 results

  1. Hey all, I am unfortunately not with the boat. My parents are having issues starting the boat. It appears completely dead, they installed a new battery today and they still don't get any sign of power. No guages or accessories turn on. The boat was used last summer many times and start ups were fine. Any suggestions? I told them to get a voltage meter and check certain wires Side note not associated: our stereo would suddenly stop playing music while connected to the phone and the phone shows it is still playing music. This happens often, I assume it's the stereo but all other powered systems would work fine.
  2. Looking for some help. Just bought a brand new Fi23 with 450 motor and surfing at 5500ft in elevation. It has the high alt prop 16x13. the boat has the all the additional Plug an Play Ballast. This boat will not get to surf speed with two 200lb men and two 120 lb women and full Ballast. I have to dump the two Bow tanks and about 30% of the Ram fill to get to 10.8 MPH. Is this normal?? I would think this boat should be able to surf with full ballast.?? Right?? Should I be looking for a new Prop? I would think the 450 should be plenty of power but its not getting us there....My dealer is NO HELP! Very upsetting! Any info would be much appreciated! Sold my X35 MC to buy this boat. I have Lots of surf experience in other boats, just new to Centurion.
  3. I am new to this forum because I just bought a used 2007 Centurion Avalanche C4 with a 350 Mercruiser Black Scorpion. Before signing the papers, I made a thorough land inspection of the boat while it was trailered, and ran the engine with a water hose attached, but did not take it out for a sea trial because the ramp was backed up due to a special event that day. I bought it anyway without a test drive, and on my first water run, the power steering is stiff when turning left. I can easily turn the steering wheel with one hand when turning right (clockwise), but really have to put pressure on the wheel when turning back to the left (counterclockwise). This boat is my first true inboard (v-drive) but I have experience with sterndrives and outboards, and I have never had a steering wheel this difficult to turn on a boat. Is this normal for this boat? I checked under the steering wheel for a locking knob because I once owned a boat that had a knob there that you screwed in to keep the steering wheel locked while towing, but this boat only has a lever for the steering tilt mechanism. I didn't get the boat in the water for testing until dusk so it was dark by the time I got back to the dock, and I didn't have time to do more inspection. The boat owners manual talks about preloaded steering and the tendency for the boat to pull right when running between 28-32 mph, and I think I read somewhere when doing research prior to buying this boat that these boats don't have a power steering pump, but I can't find anything with a search on this forum or in the boat or motor owners manuals yet to verify. Any advice, information, or comments are appreciated. Thanks. Scott
  4. Hi Gang, Symptom: Once loaded for surfing (anywhere past about 1000lbs ballast) I have no top-end speed. Engine won't run much faster then 2100 rpm (about 10.5 mph). We've been trying to diagnose this issue for a while so here is where I'm at: 2005 Enzo SV230 Merc 350 MAG MPI 270 hours, Acme 1579 prop, Fresh Air Exhaust installed. Just got boat back from shop, hooked up computer and tested everything - 100% good. Fuel good, filters both changed, full tank of fresh gas and a can of Sea Foam yesterday. All plug wires checked and in the right spot. Cap and rotor had a little corrosion inside but nothing major (cleaned it our engine still purrs like a kitty with the exception of minor belt whining). Idling at dock I can run it up past 5000 rpm no prob. No load, me alone in boat it runs about 30+ mph across the water and seems fine. Have run with perfect pass active, not active, and completely disconnected (no change). It would be really nice to have more power to hit 11+ mph while surfing. If we load both sacs (2500 lbs) and have 4 heavy in-laws on board then its hopeless.... maybe 9.0 if we're lucky. Items I have not tried: 1) putting the stock Acme 515 back on the boat 2) inspecting / changing plugs 3) replacing rotor & cap 4) ??? other suggestions I am new to the Centurion family and this is our first inboard so I'm learning here. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated... but if the reality is I just have a weak engine and too much weight I'm prepared to accept that.... as far as I'm concerned 330 hp should spin that prop right out of the water load or no load????

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