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Found 2 results

  1. installed a fresh air exhaust this season. Have surfed behind it twice now and its well worth the money. No more exhaust in the face like the pic before
  2. Ok, so I've got two lists: One for the things I'm fairly certain I will do. The other is open for discussion, encouragement, ridicule, and general shenanigans. Stuff I'm pretty certain I will do between now and next summer (starting with the boring ones): Re-pack the bearings in the tensioner and idler pulleys. I replaced them once, grease is cheap. Replace the impeller. Replace the Switchblade rams (they're starting to slip occasionally). Upgrade to dedicated reversible ballast pumps with 1" lines. Replace the paddle wheel with the Nautic Logic GPS unit in my PP, although getting comfortable with RPM mode almost exclusively has made this need much less urgent. Garboard drain light - surfing under the full moon is nice, but having the wave lit up would make it WAY better. Replace the carpet on the trailer bunks. Replace and bleed the brake fluid on the trailer. Stuff I'm considering doing at some point, could be sooner than later: Sporty Bubble - I think I want this one. Install a lengthened wakeplate per James Harold's experience documented a couple of years ago. Replace the exhaust flaps with baffle tips - No FAE, we have a Switchblade. But even a little quieter would be nice. Not sure it's worth the dollars. Stereo upgrade: Right now we're on the stock in-boats with a cheap amp. I don't want to get crazy, but I'm thinking a sub and two pair of Icon 8's. Of course, new amps. Thinking keep the existing in-boats (I believe Kickers). Am I crazy? (Disclaimer - I know VERY little about audio). Also the 420 EQ would be super nifty for instructing people surfing (and generally being bossy). Prepping and spraying the keel with new gelcoat. I've got two thirds of a quart that will go bad anyway. My keel is a bit scratched up from sandy and not-so-sandy beachings; nothing major, but I'm picky.

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