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  1. we got our RI230 and by night with the small white interior lights where dazzling my blue eyes. Directly i decided to do a small fixe. If someone has the same issue i m more than happy to share the file to 3d print those little covers. text me if you would like to have the .STL file or the G code for the 3d printer Hello everyone
  2. I am traveling away from home. There was a great mechanic at Lake Tahoe that finally repaired my ramfill drain valves by replacing them. I just realized that the LED underwater lights don't work. I am unsure if the repair is related. I can follow the blue wire with the white stripe from the 2 LED lights to the dash but there are so many wires that I can not trace it further. Any ideas?
  3. Hey everyone, I was wondering if anyone has done this before. This spring I was planning to install LED Speaker rings behind my speakers and possibly in with my cup holders. I really want to light the boat up! I did a full JL audio install last year and need to add a little touch to it. I know you can buy the rings online at various places for $100 a pair....I have 10 - 7.7s and 2 10" Subs....that would be over a grand. Personally, I have already designed them on the computer in 3D and can have my local machine shop cut them out for about $40 total and about $50 in the material +/- 10%. The part that I am stuck on is what brand of the LED strips to buy...there are all kinds of them out there but I am not sure what is going to last. If anyone has any help on LED strips 12V powered that would be greatly appreciated. I also need the ones that you can cut to length. All help is greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  4. It's COLD in VT in the nights, so I've taken up a new hobby of learning about LEDs...mainly Neopixel strips and either the Gemma or Flora wearable computer platform, powered by lipo batteries. 1st up - my Firewalker LED shoes...these are an INSTANT conversation piece! I coded them up using a pressure-sensitive conductive sheet called Velostat so they only turn on when you lift you heel. Next - decided to try a dog collar (which I've made and sold about 6 of these @ $100 to my friends...actually opening an Etsy store to see if there's further interest?). They cost about $40 in parts alone, and the battery recharges via USB. I've made a library of a dozen or so LED patterns and going to program a ton more...USA/America theme, etc. The next phase is looking into the ability to save and change LED patterns on-the-fly via a mobile app! Here's a few patterns to give you an idea...there's nothing like these on the market! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U4AmOWx1IJI Then came the LED goggles! Have 2 orders for these as well @ $100...they are mailing me their goggles to add the LEDs to. And how could I not pass up the opportunity to turn an old snowboard helmet into the ultimate LED discoball helmet??? As a single guy...you can see I have a lot of extra time on my hands
  5. Crew Deal #3 - Underwater LED Transom Light - Replaces Garboard Drain Plug ANNOUNCING: THE ALL NEW RGB DRAIN PLUG LIGHT Looking for a little light on the occasional night cruise, want to light up the water for a midnight swim, do you want all of this without all the expense of transom mounted lights, without the head ache of having to drill holes in your boat? Then the Drain Plug LED Light is what you are looking for. No modifications to the hull of your boat are needed to install the Drain Plug LED Light, no drilling, no sealers, no worries, just remove the existing garboard drain plug on the transom of your boat, feed the pre-wired harness through the drain hole and screw the Drain Plug LED Light securely into the drain hole. Next on single color lights simply wire the positive and ground side of the harness to a 12 volt power source and you are done. RGB lights must be connected to a controller or wired as a single color light. The lights can be spliced into any existing LED lights whether single color or RGB. With any electrical component we suggest adding an inline fuse to the positive wire to protect the light. Features: 6 LED lights generate up to 800 Lumens 316L Stainless Steel, Non-corrosive Housing Shatterproof LED Lens, which unscrews Draws 1 amp of power at 12 volts Comes with 6 foot wiring harness Manufacturer claims over 10,000 hours of use RGB Only: Small control box to be wired inline with drain plug. Colors of red, blue, green, white, teal, purple, and yellow change each time the light is turned off and on with the 8th push of the switch rotating between all colors every three seconds or drain light can be wired to a standard controller/existing system. Available Colors: RGB - Varies depending on color White - 720 Lumens Green - 760 Lumens Blue - 800 Lumens Red - 780 Lumens Manufacture Suggested Retail Price for the Drain Plug LED Light is $229.95 Basic dimensions of the Drain Plug LED Light are above To receive pricing Crew members must send a PM to the CrewAdmin with the shipping information, quantities and colors as shown below. Afterwards a PM with the total cost and instructions to finalize the order will be sent to you. Crew Deal ends on the 28th of October 2013 at midnight central time. Name: Address for Shipping: Phone Number: Quantity: Color(s): EXAMPLE: Name: John Smith Address for Shipping: 1234 Jones Road Rockwell, NC 32432 Phone Number: 111.222.3333 Quantity: 1 Color: Blue Remember when you receive the pricing information please DO NOT post it anywhere on CenturionCrew.Com or any other site. The pricing information is private and should only be shared between you and the CrewAdmin. If anyone ask you for pricing on a Crew Deal please refer them to the CrewAdmin. Crew Deals benefit all the members of the CenturionCrew.Com community and we want to keep being able to offer great Crew Deals in the future. Payment method: PayPal or Major Credit Card. Shipping: The cost of shipping is covered in the price of the Crew Deal to the US and Canada, There will be no extra duties for Crew members in Canada since the products are shipped from Canada. Please post questions before placing orders and we will do our best to get a answer the same day. The Crew Deal will end at midnight Central time on the 28th of October 2013. Regards, CrewAdmin
  6. LED Lights

    Guys, I'm thinking about upgrading the transom lights on my 2012 centurion Enzo 240 plus. I bought it used and I can't tell if the LED lights are burnt out/weak or if the manufacturer lights are just really low lumens? I'm thinking about replacing with these? http://www.bluewolfinc.com/lifeform-6-underwater-led-light/ Or should I just get factory replacement LEDs. Thoughts?

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