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Found 6 results

  1. I just bought an '07 Centurion Typhoon C4 with the Evolution tower. I'm trying to find an oem style bimini top. I'm told the company that made them originally went out of business but there are companies that make replacements. I know it will be expensive but if anyone can point me in the right direction to find one I'd much appreciate it!
  2. Hello, My name is Camilo. I am new to this forum and to centurions. I have owned a 2001 nautique and a malibu xti before this. I just purchased a used 2008 centurion avalanche c4. It has a evolution wakeboard tower which i read is no longer in business. Boat came with no bimini top and the only one I have found online is only inboard for $1850. I am wondering if anyone else that has same tower has had any luck. Also what are people using for bow ballast and how many lbs?
  3. I just wanted to praise Cory at Evolution Covers for his customer service. I bought a cover from him for my 2005 Avy last year and it is beautiful. However, I had a slight issue when towing with the cover on, in that one of the sides of the cover began slipping out a little from under the rub rail. The cover still stays on, but it wasn't quite operating as intended. I email Cory with pictures of it and within an hour he called me on the phone, suggested some quick ideas that might help the cover fit as intended, and then assured me that if that didn't work, he would add fix the cover at no charge to me. Hopefully I don't need to send it back up to him, but if I do, I know he'll treat me and the cover right. Really great customer service. I whole-heartedly recommend his company.
  4. How do I lower the tower ? No Bimini, but speakers, lights, and racks. Are the wires long enough to just pop the two black screw knobs . Does the front tower supports just lean on the windshield. Looks confusing...Help.
  5. So I have been shopping for a new boat for awhile now and I'm thinking about pulling the trigger on an 06 Avy c4. I looked at the boat today and it looked pretty nice it hasn't been cleaned up yet but it does look like it with clean up well. they are also apparently doing some electrical work to it but that was all the salesman knew. The boat has storm 1 package, bling package, evolution tower with sanson swivel board racks, total of 12 speaker stereo (didn't get to hear it because they were working on the electronics) custom graphics and gelcoat I haven't seem one like it and in my opinion it looks better than all others I've seen Trailer seemed to have nice upgraded black and chrome rims. the boat doesn't have perfect pass or rear ballast though. He said he thinks it will be priced at 35,900 what does everyone think of the boat/price? sorry I should have to pics but I forgot.
  6. Just got my bimini in from Fineline. I had been looking for a bimini for the Evo tower for quite some time and finally bit the bullet on one. I've read a bunch of posts for others that were looking for something so just thought I'd share. Metcraft was the OEM for the tower, bimini, and racks back then but had gone out of business. I had previously talked to Centurion after learning that and they said they had the plans to make one. Looks pretty nice so far! When I get it installed (will be 2 months until I can do it) I'll post more pics of the final installation in case anyone wants to see how it turns out.

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