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Found 9 results

  1. 2013 SV23 Enzo. The ignition button does not power the touchscreen. Battery seems to be OK because blower works, radio works. Dials go through initial startup when I turn the key on. However, when i push the ignition button - no screen and the engine won't start. I assume engine won't start if screen does not initialize? I'm assuming a fuse or a breaker? Not sure if boats have breakers. Can someone point me to the fuse/breaker for the touchscreen?
  2. 2016 Ri217 courtesy lamps and tower lights flicker with everything off including master key switch. When battery disconnect switch is on, all interior lights continuously flicker. All lights seem to function properly when switched on via touch screen. They must be controlled by a module of some kind . Any help would be appreciated.
  3. Hey everyone, I am new to the site. I bought a 2003 centurion Hurricane. I took it out this past weekend and was going for our last little cruise and all of a sudden the boat beeped and then died on me. Now I have no power whatsoever. Any help trouble shooting this would be greatly appreciated.
  4. I have a 2008 Avalanche that does nothing when flipping the Port switch to fill or drain. I have checked all the fuses and checked for power. Assuming I’m using the multimeter correctly I’m getting power to the port harness. I have unplugged the port switch and plugged it into the center wiring and it works so I don’t think the switch itself is bad. I’m not sure what else to try. Any ideas on what to troubleshoot next?
  5. I need some help with my Pro-Vision screen. I tried to start my boat up yesterday, but instead of immediately turning over, the engine was silent and I heard a loud beep from the boat. I turned the battery by-pass switch on and then back off, and then it started up, but my Pro-Vision wouldn’t come into focus – it was just a blue screen. I spent a while tinkering around and reading the Crew help forums, taking the Provision unit out of the dash and ensuring all of the connections were seated properly. But still no luck beyond the blue screen. I could start up the boat, drive it, but I couldn’t see the speedometer, speed control, etc. Just a blue screen. I turned the battery by-pass switch on and then off quickly, and all of a sudden the ProVision came back on – and I was able to operate the boat with the Provision screen and all of the controls! So I drove around a bit, and then turned the engine off and back on and the ProVision was still working. But then a little bit later I tried to start the boat again and the provision was blue-screening. I played with the battery by-pass switch and it came back on. Any idea what’s going on? I have a 2010 Enzo 240SV with two batteries. Thanks. Don
  6. Hi all, I have a 1986 Ski Centurion Tru Trac that has been in my family since new. I'm currently trying to rewire the dash and upgrade the fuse panel from the old glass style fuses to something more modern like blade fuses. The old wiring is poorly constructed, starting to oxidize and is causing problems with the gauges as well as navigation lights. I have not been able to find anything even close to a dash wiring diagram for my boat or a replacement harness. If anybody has a diagram or link to a replacement harness I'd greatly appreciate it. Also, if anybody is familiar with the correctcraftfan.com forums, their "reference" section with manuals and wiring diagrams is super helpful. Maybe we could start something like that on here? Thanks
  7. I am looking to mount some LED lights on the back of my ‘14 SV233 and I am wondering where others have been mounting their lights. With the exhaust pipe and the drains on the rear of the boat, it looks like the only place to mount light evenly is only 1 to 2 inches below the water line. As far as I can tell, most lights recommend installation 4 to 8 inches below the water line. Has anyone successfully tackled a self installation on one of the 2014 boats? Has anyone installed two lights at different heights? I am not sure how that would affect the lighting behind the boat with two lights at different heights. Any recommendations? Sorry if this question has been address before (I was unable to locate anything on the site).
  8. Hi All, I hope someone can help me here, I have an '08 Lightning, I recently had to take the battery out to charge it because one of my kids had pushed some buttons before we took the boat out the water> Problem now is: once ive reconnected the battery i get power to the instrument cluster and the engine, but not the stereo, ballast pumps or the blower? I have checked all the fuses in the fuse box and the inline fuse for the ballast pumps and theyre all ok, my battery charger however shows that my battery is only 3/4. the voltmeter on the instrument panel shows just below 12. Could it be that my battery is just on its way out or something more? Any insight here would be greatly appreciated Thanks
  9. Last year when I purchased my boat, a 2006 Centurion Enzo, I had the a perfect pass installed on the far right of the dash where the blank is or was. Well the installer apparently took those 4 hot wires and taped them together and stuffed them back in the dash. Couple of times last year while we were out, I could occasionally smell what I knew was an electrical fire, but thought that it was my switches that I run my ballast pumps through. I was not using a relay and the pumps pulled just about as many amps as the switch was rated to handle. I just assumed that the switches were failing and was planning on addressing it next spring. Well now it is next spring I have been spending some time cleaning up the horrible wire runs from the perfect pass install and in doing so I came across the source of what I am pretty sure is the source of my electrical fire smell. It appears that the wiring wore through the tap or the tape came off and the wire was contacting the metal brackets that holds the gauge into the dash panel. You can be the judge by looking at the attached pictures. Anyways, my question is what do I do with these wires and how do I properly and safely dress them to prevent a future catastrophe?

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