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  1. Just picked up my 2007 c4 typhoon after coming off a natique SuperSport because it’s 2’ longer, and a 1’ wider w/ built in ballast. we are very excited but noticed a couple of things and wanted to see if others made modifications, or if it has been an issue at all for the crew: 1) it only has a single battery: which so does my truck so big deal right? But all other boats I’ve been on have had a starting battery and an accessory battery. This way you could switch the battery to just acc and Moore your boat listing to music w/o worrying about a dead battery - is this something I should have wired in? also 2) it doesn’t seem to have a float bilge just a standard bilge. My old boat had 2 bilge a manual bilge and a float bilge that would kick on if water reached a certain level in the compartment that I could always leave on so that when I left the boat moored at the slip I wouldn’t have to worry about a storm if the cover blew off etc am I over thinking this? - thanks!!!
  2. hello, This is a random issue where the boat motor will not turn over/run (start) once you press the Start button. 1) normally, the 3 buttons Start, Eng/Off, Ignition have the button lights turn on... they are not glowing? However, every other battery-operated item on the boat works fine. Lights, radio, etc. etc. I'm talking about the lit button, where Eng Off button has red light and the Start button has the green color light. the LAST the buttons are not lit? 2) In theory, the batteries are good? however, still believe the batteries could be great when they are working... and then bad with the issue occurs? 3) todays issue... in slip, boat started perfect with easy. No issue. Drove around 10 minutes, brought in to get gas... then out of no where... Boat motor not turning... while everything looks perfect, normal? Its like we have checked everything???? 4) apparently, this exact same situation last week? Boat was out and about.... turn it off, watch sunset... but not starting. Have it towed back to slip... THEN it starts fine? QUESTIONS for experienced Centurion boat owners: a) can or do items get loose? fuses, wires, nuts, anything that could cause the above? Do big waves knock items lose? b ) maybe batteries need to be in perfect, great condition. a poor battery is poor... no matter that is sometimes it works fine? c ) items like the Starter Relay switch... does it go out, need to be replaced? Anything that can randomly work but be causing the random, non starting issue? any other thoughts on what else to investigate? thanks!
  3. Hey all, I am unfortunately not with the boat. My parents are having issues starting the boat. It appears completely dead, they installed a new battery today and they still don't get any sign of power. No guages or accessories turn on. The boat was used last summer many times and start ups were fine. Any suggestions? I told them to get a voltage meter and check certain wires Side note not associated: our stereo would suddenly stop playing music while connected to the phone and the phone shows it is still playing music. This happens often, I assume it's the stereo but all other powered systems would work fine.
  4. Got around to installing our ‘02 Elite V’s battery charger/maintainer that it got for Xmas this weekend. I really didn’t have a great spot in our boat, so I built a mounting rack I thought someone else might be able to use. I installed in the left rear locker close to the batteries. The charger I got was a Cabela’s 2-bank 12a model - Pro Series Onboard 12. Cabela’s unit appears to have everything in a high-end charger without the Minn-Kota price, including all the steps for charming to maintaining, and able to charge 12a to a single battery if needed. It will handle flooded lead-acid & AGM batteries. They run $149-169 in the catalog, but we found all the Cabels units on sale in a store in Waco, TX, and this one was for $109. https://www.cabelas.com/product/CABELAS-PRO-SERIES-ON-BOARD-CHARGER/2416312.uts Required items: - Battery Maintainer 2-bank - Treated 2x10 cut to 28” length - Bunk Felt (Academy) - Spay paint/cheap - (2) 3” x 3/8”-18 SS Bolts, lock washers, nuts and oversized washers Tools: Saw, drill/bits, staple gun, scissors, hammer, tape measure Install: Measure location for board height in locker location Cut wood and take off extra 1/4” (for felt overlap when you wrap board) Paint board to help seal wood Fit wood into position - assist w/hammer Drill 1/4” pilot holes through fiberglass and wood - repeat w/ 3/8” bit Remove board and wrap in felt - fold felt like wrapping a package - staple Reinstall board - assist w/ hammer - make sure you have tight friction fit Install hardware Run wiring to batteries and install connections Mount Battery Maintainer to board Plug in -
  5. I'm a new owner of a 1999 Elite V-drive and in the process of installing a new battery we got the polarity crossed up for a millisecond and had a quick spark. No big, but now with the battery hooked up properly I have 0, nothing, nada, juice. Has to be a fuse, right? Breaker switches on the dash are good but I can not find a fuse panel! I have looked under the dash, under the seats, behind bulkheads and can't find it! Does anybody have any ideas? Is there even a fuse panel? Maybe a fusible link somewhere? The only place I haven't looked is in the motor compartment, which is, of course, under an electrically operated cover! Any help would be much-much appreciated. Was hoping to hit the lake this weekend and the customer service dept at Centurion is closed til Monday. Any ideas would be very much appreciated. Thanks in advance!
  6. Hi All- I am having a late start to the season this year, been on the boat only three times so far :(. Anyways my batteries are bad and I was looking for some recommendations on top notch batteries. Separately, are there any third party companies that make board racks for the 2007 Centurion Cyclone C4? I have the pro-flight tower. I tried monster tower and their board racks can't hold any weight and still stay up, I feel like they are purely for cosmetics. I even tried purchasing a kit of the adapters, added in rubber for grip, and tried everything else. Looking for something functional. Thanks for any and all help! I am trying to pick up the batteries in the next couple days since I was stranded by dead battery last trip out
  7. I am looking to add a dual battery to my 2003 Elite V. I know many have done this before, any suggestions on the location for the second battery?
  8. Hi - I have a brand new Enzo SS210 and just got back from using it this weekend. Three issues arose. I was wondering if anyone has experienced anything similar: 1) When filled @ 100%, the rear starboard ballast completely busted off the wood lockers / partitions that protect it from hitting the engine. The metal track rail which helps house the wood partitions was completely broken off, and the switch locks on the partitions themselves became bent, making it near impossible for them to be locked back in place properly. No foul play was involved and this was only the 3rd time using this ballast. 2) There appears to be a battery draw and we've had to jump the boat before launching in the water a few times now. We've made sure all lights and systems are shut off before taking it out of the water; however we still ran into this issue last weekend. 3) The stereo shuts off if the boat is fully powered on (even when key is turned to ACC). Any insight into the genesis of these issues and potential solutions would be helpful. Thanks!
  9. My boat is a 2009 Enzo 240SV that I purchased two years ago. I have a Blue Sea switched (off/on/combined) two battery system wired into a voltage sensitive relay. My system also has two Battery Tender rechargers. Both of the batteries are Exide Nautilus starting batteries (XXHD-M-24). Neither battery will hold a charge; so, I'm looking at replacing them. Our typical usage is a couple of hours of riding, followed by an hour or so of floating listening to music, followed by another couple of hours of riding. My sound system has two amps, can't remember how big. Given my set-up, do I need to go with identical batteries, or am I free to go with the starting/deep cycle set-up? If I can go either way, should I get a starting battery and a deep cycle battery given my usage, or just two dual-purpose? Any reason not to go with Interstate? I might just get two "marine" 24s from Costco, which, I believe, are actually Interstate dual purpose batteries. How many MCAs do I need to crank the engine? Also, what's the best way to use the battery switch? Do I just leave it on the 'on' setting unless the starting battery needs some assistance cranking? Thanks in advance for your wisdom!
  10. 2004 Avalanche C4 with 350 Mag Merc I am having issues with voltage. I'll start with what I'm running. 2 Jabsco Reversible Pumps (only use while engine is running) 2 Stock aerator pumps for center tank. 2 Amps - Kicker 300watt RMS for tower speakers & MB Quart for in boats and 8" sub. 2 Batteries with Blue Seas Add-a-Battery system (has switch w/On, Off, Both & isolator charging relay) Stock Alternator (at least I think it's stock, not sure what amps) This is the problem I'm having. Without ballast full I have no issues with voltage. But when all ballast is full (2,300lbs) and on plane, voltage begins to drop to around 10 volts and low voltage alarm beeps every few seconds. Nothing stops working. Perfect Pass stays on, stereo stays on, and all dash stays on. But voltage gauge reads 10 volts and the alarm keep beeping. When off plane, voltage returns to normal 12-13 volts. I plan to replace the power hungry reversible pumps with Tsunami pumps for speed and less power consumption. I did not have this problem until I upgraded the rear ballast from twin 450lb sacs to 800lb sacs. I'm wondering if the voltage regulator is malfunctioning under load or if I just need an onshore charging system?
  11. Hi All, I hope someone can help me here, I have an '08 Lightning, I recently had to take the battery out to charge it because one of my kids had pushed some buttons before we took the boat out the water> Problem now is: once ive reconnected the battery i get power to the instrument cluster and the engine, but not the stereo, ballast pumps or the blower? I have checked all the fuses in the fuse box and the inline fuse for the ballast pumps and theyre all ok, my battery charger however shows that my battery is only 3/4. the voltmeter on the instrument panel shows just below 12. Could it be that my battery is just on its way out or something more? Any insight here would be greatly appreciated Thanks
  12. Looking at getting an on shore charger, but am unsure on which one to get in regards to the number of amps I need. I have 2 dual purpose group 27's. 6, 12, or 20 amps. I know that bigger is not always better.
  13. Hello all, I am new to the forum and owning a boat. I recently purchased an 03 Avalanche C4 and love it. I have read lots of the previous posts on the forum and it helped me install a ballast in my port side locker. So thank you for all the information I have read which has helped me out with my boat. The ballast install went well, but when I fill my ballast with my boat idling the perfect pass goes on and off beeping and flashing. If I rev the engine the perfect pass improves. It also does the same thing if I am using perfect pass while going 20mph and then use the trim tab. Are my batteries shot, is my alternator not working well, or is the perfect pass screwed up? I have dual 27G batteries which I have on "all" on the switch. I think by themselves the boat did not start well. The batteries appear to be newer. I have not charged them myself at home yet. I guess a second questions is when do you use 1 battery or both? For example will the alternator charge both at the same time on "all" or do you need to switch from one to the other while driving the boat so the alternator can focus on one battery? Thanks pod

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