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Found 6 results

  1. Got around to installing our ‘02 Elite V’s battery charger/maintainer that it got for Xmas this weekend. I really didn’t have a great spot in our boat, so I built a mounting rack I thought someone else might be able to use. I installed in the left rear locker close to the batteries. The charger I got was a Cabela’s 2-bank 12a model - Pro Series Onboard 12. Cabela’s unit appears to have everything in a high-end charger without the Minn-Kota price, including all the steps for charming to maintaining, and able to charge 12a to a single battery if needed. It will handle flooded lead-acid & AGM batteries. They run $149-169 in the catalog, but we found all the Cabels units on sale in a store in Waco, TX, and this one was for $109. https://www.cabelas.com/product/CABELAS-PRO-SERIES-ON-BOARD-CHARGER/2416312.uts Required items: - Battery Maintainer 2-bank - Treated 2x10 cut to 28” length - Bunk Felt (Academy) - Spay paint/cheap - (2) 3” x 3/8”-18 SS Bolts, lock washers, nuts and oversized washers Tools: Saw, drill/bits, staple gun, scissors, hammer, tape measure Install: Measure location for board height in locker location Cut wood and take off extra 1/4” (for felt overlap when you wrap board) Paint board to help seal wood Fit wood into position - assist w/hammer Drill 1/4” pilot holes through fiberglass and wood - repeat w/ 3/8” bit Remove board and wrap in felt - fold felt like wrapping a package - staple Reinstall board - assist w/ hammer - make sure you have tight friction fit Install hardware Run wiring to batteries and install connections Mount Battery Maintainer to board Plug in -
  2. Could someone tell me what bulb is required for the tower nav light? Can't figure out how the bulb and cover are both missing Sorry, it's a bit blurry, hanging on with one hand and snapping with the other on a busy Memorial Day weekend.
  3. Hey everyone. I'm new to the forum, but am very familiar to boating and wakeboats. I sold my jet boat, as I've caught the wakesurfing bug, and want to get into an early 2000s Centurion. From what I can see online, there are a couple different models that Centurion made in the early 2000s: Elite-V, Air Warrior, and a few others. If anyone can help answer my questions, it'd be greatly appreciated! Is there a hull that does best for wakesurfing? The Elite-V appears to be the best route to go. How much ballast can each rear compartment hold. Whether it's an air warrior elite-v or not, I'd likely replace the tanks with soft bags to get more in. Did the Elite-V hull change a certain year? I'm really thinking a 2000 - 2002 would be great. Anything I am missing about these boats? **I tried searching and came up short on model year differences**
  4. Hello everyone, New to the forum and been around boating my whole life. Havent been doing a whole lot of it the last few years however. I am only 24 but would love more than anything to purchase a used like 06' Centurion Air Warrior Elite V C4. There actually is yellow one right now for sale in my area (Boise) however they want like $30,000 or somewhere in there. I dont think I am in any place at the moment to be purchasing a boat anyhow. My parents have an 06 Reinell 20'-21' inboard/outboard with a tower and such that is a good time to get out on, but it is no V drive machine! I guess ultimately I signed up here because I like Centurion boats and want to learn more about them with the hope of purchasing one in the future. Also I do get fairly confused on the packages. Anyway I'll be a lurkin'!
  5. We just purchased a 2001 Eclipse V drive with air warrior package. So, now that I've gotten into the inside of the boat and found some things out, I really want to add some weight to the ridiculous 250 lb center ballast tank. I've been reading a lot of posts on here and other sites, checked out wavemakers and I'm trying to figure out the best and simplest system that I can convert my current set up to. Currently it just has the stock, center hard tank = 25 lbs, which to be honest makes little to zero difference in the wake size. There are 2 stock Atwater 750A pumps with 1" tubing, one for filling and one for draining. If anyone is familiar with these boats and this stock set up and has already added a set up, please direct me in the right direction. Here is what direction I am currently headed in: Leave the stock 250# hard tank - I'm thinking of filling it, capping it off and leaving it that way - disconnect the pump and just forget about it. Add 2 400 lb sacks in the back, one on each side of the V-drive in the lockers. Add 650 lb sack in the front bow. Run them with 2 pumps. Not sure if I should change the pumps, add pumps or? Connect it all with the same intake that's already there, and the same venting set and everything. This will give me 1700 lbs total. I can always add another 500 lb sac on the floor, drivers side for surfing. I surf goofy footed. Im okay with them filling in 15-20 minutes, but would like it to be faster if its not going to cost me too much. Any ideas? Anyone done this already with this boat? It already has the switch on the dash and the manual open/close valve mounted just under the walk thru.

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