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Found 15 results

  1. So I have a 2015 FS44. I am having issues with the boat getting up to the speed set in Perfect Pass which is 11.1 but wont get past like 10 ish. I'm thinking it might be the prop (ACME 1847) since I bought the boat in Lake Havasu and live in Colorado, so about 4000-6000ft of elevation difference of where well be riding. We have been using stock RAMFILL ballast with bow and just added the PNP. It has the PCM 450. Itll run great without ballast and with ballast itll get out of the water till it hits 10mph (3300rpm). Did the custom prop deal on ACME's website and came up with the 2571 or 3039 so we ordered the 2571. Better whole shot but still wont get to speed. Wondering if it could be something with the GPS, software, or throttle. Any ideas, questions or anything to figure this out???
  2. Hey guys, So I was messing with my 2008 centurion falcon v ballast system to figure out the wires to connect my emty pump. So I was using a lil rig, long story short I ended up arking two positives together and popped the fuse. No big deal went and got a new fuse, but now the ignition isn’t coming on. They gauges aren’t moving and the perfect pass isn’t coming on. So I’ve checked all the obvious fuses and it’s still not working. The battery’s are fully charged. When I turn the ignition on it’s not even making the beep. Please let me know what y’all think or have some type of direction! Thanks!!
  3. I boat this boat used and hoping I didn't get taken to the cleaners. After I ran the boat for about 1 hour the engine just stopped and wouldn't start. We got towed back and played with it the next day. It seemed like an adjustment knob on the perfect pass was lose so we moved it some and engine started and ran great. Then a week later it all happened again while on the lake. This time we couldn't get it going. We tried to disconnect the Perfect Pass electrical connections and that didn't help. The servo motor was very hot. I cannot even tell which Perfect Pass model I have. Any troubleshooting ideas?
  4. Any recommendations on installing perfect pass to my 2004 elite? how hard is it? does it work well? Mainly wakeboard, boat doesn't surf great. Also, my Speedometer isn't working any more, will that effect it? it has a Faria gauge that is digital and works for MPH so I'm really not to worried about it. I'm thinking it has to be a wired connection issue with the speedo considering my paddle wheel seems to be perfectly fine. Thanks
  5. Hello everyone, I haven't been on this website in about 4 years because I sold my old boat and was off the lake for that time. This past weekend, I purchased a beautiful '08 Centurion Falcon V Air Warrior and am incredibly proud of it. The only problem with it, and I failed to realize this until after the transaction, it did not have Perfect Pass. My hope is someone on here has an old one laying around from one of their upgrades. If so, I'd like to take it off your hands. Please hit me up so I can get this figured out before the season starts. Thanks! -Drew
  6. I bought my 2008 Lighting new in May 2010. It had 4 demo hours on it. I have never made a full Summer without problems from my Perfect Pass. They are usually intermittent and varied. I have replaced the paddle wheel, and finally removed & checked each plug on the main unit. I can't figure it out and it's taking the joy out of lake life. Symptoms vary a lot: PP will beep and reboot causing speed to rapidly increase or drop. Doesn't matter if PP is on or off. I have to pull the power plug or a fuse to stop it. Sometimes the speed on the large analog speedo is perfect, but the PP speedo is way low or zero. Sometimes they are both way low or at zero. Sometimes both with work/stop/work/stop every few seconds. I've taken it to two different dealerships for service, but it worked perfectly both times. I'm on my 4th multi-day camping trip of the year. It has worked correctly for one full day and 2/3 of yesterday. I ran a new ground from PP to the battery right before last trip. It fooled me by working the next full day on the water, but then reverted back to it's standard manic depressive self.
  7. I'm on the cusp of purchasing a 2009 Enzo SV240, but on the first couple test drives things weren't working. Since it is on consignment at a local boat shop, the shop has been communicating with the owner of the boat to fix the little issues, and the shop has been doing the repairs while the owner pays for them... First issue was ballast wasn't filling correctly. They got that fixed. From reading through the forums it seems like the sprinkler valves will be a continued source of frustration. Sigh... Second issue was there was no speed / paddle wheel wasn't spinning, so perfect pass wasn't working either (neither RPM mode nor MPH mode). Apparently the paddle just needed to be unscrewed and re-screwed into the hull. The speed now works. Third issue was the perfect pass wouldn't work. Guy spent forever in the boat trying to wind/unwind/rewind the servo motor. Never worked, never even engaged. So the shop ordered a new one, waited a week, installed it, went out, and it was weird. Here's what it did: We'd set the PP to 12.0 mph. Accelerate to what would probably be 20 mph without PP catching it and pulling back the throttle. PP would let the boat get up to about 16-18 mph, then when it would "kick in" the boat would basically be pulled back to almost an idle speed (maybe 4 mph). Did this several times. Always up to 16-18 mph, then shuts it down to 4 mph. Also, I've driven a few boats, and it seems to me that the throttle arm is pretty loose. In other words, when I go to accelerate and push down on it, it probably moves two inches (12 o'clock to 10 o'clock) before it *starts* to catch and accelerate. Is that normal? Is that a contributing factor to this issue with t he PP? Anyway, boat shop is telling me that they have a call in to PP to help address the issue. I don't know what they've done, or what they've tried. I want the boat NOW, and don't really trust them to do a good job. I am thinking that I might wait and see if they can fix it -- but they won't give me an ETA for the fixed boat, and I've been waiting for this boat for about 3 weeks now. Meanwhile, summer is burning away, and we don't have a lot of it in N. Idaho!!! I have thought about just buying the boat and then having another shop upgrade it to the GPS unit. What would you do? How much money would it take to just replace the existing PP with a GPS PP (and would that fix the issue do you think)? Should I replace the throttle cable? How much does that cost? Could an un-mechanically inclined person do it (I'm a pretty quick study but have very little patience)?
  8. Hey all, wanted to share this issue to hopefully save a little time and money for anyone else has this problem. A year and a half ago I swapped my speedo and perfect pass over to use the Nautic Laugic http://nauticlaugic.com/nl4.html It stopped working a week or two ago and I found a bit where the receiver wire looked a little chewed up. So I ordered a new wire and receiver (at the tune of $110), and that solved the problem for the speedo, however, the perfect pass was still reading 0, which is a massive pain when trying to surf. After several back and forth emails with their support, I finally got this out of them: Jake, The NL4 is not the issue. We have investigated this problem with other Centurion customers… they witness the same issue you are, only they don’t even have an NL4, they are paddlewheel only. It’s the way Faria made the speedometer, and seems to get worse as the speedometer ages. The symptom includes non-responsive behavior from the Speedometer and/or PerfectPass. And typically disconnecting the paddlewheel signal wire from the Speedometer somehow revives the PerfectPass back to life. In this configuration, the Speedometer is operating in tandem with a PerfectPass, and potentially the speedo is ‘loading-down’ the paddlewheel signal. The burdened paddlewheel signal pulses to 67% of nominal (zero to near 8Vdc), instead of the full zero to 12Vdc. The PerfectPass doesn’t respond well when denied the full 12Vdc signal… yet it may continue to work. Even so, there’s NO Electrical damage being done to the PerfectPass. So far this issue is localized to Centurion boats. Also it appears these are isolated cases within the brand, for our Customer Service was alerted to it a mere handful of times. Further snooping of the Speedo’s internal circuit, we found a way to reconfigure the NL4-CT to isolate/split the GPS output (paddlewheel) signal: and separate the speedo from the PerfectPass. Thus the NL4-CT can feed the Speedo’s maligned circuit and still keep the PP happy. This upgrade eliminates the ‘loading’ issue completely. We started putting this upgrade in all our NL4-CT’s last year, so if you want to send your unit back, we will definitely upgrade it for free. It’s not required to send the GPS Receiver. Hope this helps anyone who may be having the same issue!
  9. I have an '06 T5 comp with the 330 hp black scorpion direct drive. I am interested in a perfect pass system, cruise control. I am not sure of the different brands but I was looking for the best deal. Any suggestions?
  10. I recently purchased a 2006 Centurion T5 with the Black Scorpion Mercruiser. I am interested in a cruise control for boarding. Any ideas or suggestions?
  11. Good morning Crew! I am going to invest in a cruise control system in my Elite V this week. I am torn between Stargazer and Zero Off. Zero Off seems to be a few hunderd $$$ more than the stargazer. I don't think I need 3 event, just want to surf and wakeboard at a consistent speed, and have the wife be able to tow without me screaming at her from behind the boat... No current cruise control, speedometer has been sketchy last few trips last year. Paddle wheel is free'd up, the notorious silver knob seems to be inneffective... I want to get it ordered by this weekend, so I need some expert advise from the rest of the crew!
  12. Just bought my avalanche. Perfect pass beeps when u power it up but no display shows? The up and down arrows and the mode button all beep when u press them but there is no display showing. It works - I was playing around and trying to make it work with no visual readout and it does work - I just have no idea what it is set to etc?? Anyone run into this before?
  13. I am having display issues on my perfect pass gauge readout. There is no readout/display to be more accurate - it powers up, all the buttons beep when you push them and it engages and works - you just have no idea what you have set it to... Is the display something that can be replaced? Anyone run into this before?
  14. So I was having trouble with my cable for the perfect pass not moving smoothly and it was causing the perfect pass to surge very badly, so I started messing around with it and figured that the cable was bending at too sharp of an angle over the front of the motor so it looked like I needed to get the cable higher. But how to do this without re-mounting the servo motor? Ah-ha! A wrench! lol The cable moves smoothly through the open end of the wrench (which is zip tied to the motor). I will probably re-mount the servo motor this winter to make a more permanent fix, but I figured this would get me by for the summer! What do you guys think? Pure genius (I am the last thing from mechanically inclined, so I was pretty proud of myself) or pure craziness? So far, it seems to be working well and the surging has been abated. Any thoughts on where to put the servo motor to make a more permanent fix? Thanks in advance for any input!
  15. Hello all, I am new to the forum and owning a boat. I recently purchased an 03 Avalanche C4 and love it. I have read lots of the previous posts on the forum and it helped me install a ballast in my port side locker. So thank you for all the information I have read which has helped me out with my boat. The ballast install went well, but when I fill my ballast with my boat idling the perfect pass goes on and off beeping and flashing. If I rev the engine the perfect pass improves. It also does the same thing if I am using perfect pass while going 20mph and then use the trim tab. Are my batteries shot, is my alternator not working well, or is the perfect pass screwed up? I have dual 27G batteries which I have on "all" on the switch. I think by themselves the boat did not start well. The batteries appear to be newer. I have not charged them myself at home yet. I guess a second questions is when do you use 1 battery or both? For example will the alternator charge both at the same time on "all" or do you need to switch from one to the other while driving the boat so the alternator can focus on one battery? Thanks pod

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