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  1. Hi All, New owner of an 06 Elite V C4 Air Warrior that needs a steering cable replacement. I tried to check the number on the current cable to know which length cable to buy but the white lettering was illegible. I've read that Avy owners bought a 20ft Teleflex but I wanted to make sure that I am buying the right cable since mine is a foot shorter than the Avy. Thanks in advance! Cheers!
  2. New guy here, purchased 98 Centurion Elite V-drive two months ago. Steering is stiff, mechanic says new cable needed. My boat has an odd second (small) rudder that's positioned just forward of the three skegs. My mechanic says the small rudder has a second cable that he cannot find a part # for. My question is does anyone know the part number or how to get it? Never seen a design like this so kind of at a loss as to how it all works and how it affects the handling of the boat. Thanks for any help!
  3. So, I thought I'd share an important lesson I learned yesterday when taking the boat out for the first time after replacing the helm and steering cable on my 86 TruTrac. You can actually find my write-up I did on the replacement in The Official TruTrac-I-II-III and Falcon Thread or in This thread, which included pictures. Anyway, I decided to take the boat out for a quick run yesterday after I finally got the boat back together completely. During the installation process, I made sure to align my steering wheel and rudder for a "straight ahead" position. What I failed to check was the fact that when I turned the steering wheel right, the rudder would indeed turn to the right. Now I'm sure that it is stated somewhere in the manual for the helm that the direction that you feed the cable into the helm will dictate what direction the rudder will turn. Apparently I fed the cable in through the wrong side of the helm and, in essence, reversed the steering without my knowing. Right was left, left was right. Fast forward to me trying to get the boat off the trailer... I immediately knew that something wasn't right but I couldn't tell what it was. I get the boat off the trailer and proceed to try to pull the boat forward and toward the dock at the boat launch while the girlfriend parks the truck and trailer. I turn the wheel left, boat goes right. Took me about 15 seconds of pure confusion to finally realize what the problem was and about another 45 seconds of the most difficult boat maneuvering I had ever experienced. I got the boat next to the dock, backed the trailer back into the water, winched it up, then got it back home and thought about what just happened. I figured out how to fix the problem pretty quickly but I'm glad that nothing bad happened to the boat. Yes, this may be common knowledge to some, and it was definitely a mistake on my part not checking this before going on the water but it never occurred to me that this could happen! Thought I'd share this in hopes that it helps someone down the road, or makes some of you chuckle a bit.
  4. Hello fellow Centurions. I have been trying to do some research on trying to find out what cable is in my Eclipse so that I can replace it. Does anyone have an eclipse that may be better be able to tell me what the cable is. Recently got the boat out on the water after winter hibernation and the steering was TERRIBLE. I know it's already tough being a direct drive, but this was far worse than usual. I'm sure the cable has never been changed since the boat's inception so I figured now would be a good time to take the rudder down, grease it, check all the seals, and throw in a new cable for the summer. I cannot find the anywhere online that says what could be in there, and figured I would ask here first as the boat is in a slip about 45 minutes away from me to go check. Thanks guys!
  5. Hello, First of all, great forum with tons of good information. I found everything I needed to get my ballast setup ordered and on the way this week. This is the first season I will have my own boat following years of tagging along with friends and recently bought an ’03 Escalade. I have a couple questions after recent trips: 1. I need to replace the tachometer. Can anyone recommend a source for direct replacement gauges? The ones I found online so far look to have a substantially different connection than my gauges. My wiring ability level ends when I can’t unplug from one and plug into another. 2. Turning to starboard has a “dead zone” about 10+ degrees off of straight on. What I have read so far is this may be point to a steering cable that needs replaced? Any other issues that could cause that or is it just a cable job? Thanks for any help! -Jason
  6. I am new to this forum because I just bought a used 2007 Centurion Avalanche C4 with a 350 Mercruiser Black Scorpion. Before signing the papers, I made a thorough land inspection of the boat while it was trailered, and ran the engine with a water hose attached, but did not take it out for a sea trial because the ramp was backed up due to a special event that day. I bought it anyway without a test drive, and on my first water run, the power steering is stiff when turning left. I can easily turn the steering wheel with one hand when turning right (clockwise), but really have to put pressure on the wheel when turning back to the left (counterclockwise). This boat is my first true inboard (v-drive) but I have experience with sterndrives and outboards, and I have never had a steering wheel this difficult to turn on a boat. Is this normal for this boat? I checked under the steering wheel for a locking knob because I once owned a boat that had a knob there that you screwed in to keep the steering wheel locked while towing, but this boat only has a lever for the steering tilt mechanism. I didn't get the boat in the water for testing until dusk so it was dark by the time I got back to the dock, and I didn't have time to do more inspection. The boat owners manual talks about preloaded steering and the tendency for the boat to pull right when running between 28-32 mph, and I think I read somewhere when doing research prior to buying this boat that these boats don't have a power steering pump, but I can't find anything with a search on this forum or in the boat or motor owners manuals yet to verify. Any advice, information, or comments are appreciated. Thanks. Scott
  7. I bought this boat 3 years ago and have been doing all of the ignored maintenance from the previous owner. The boat runs amazing but this year I took it out and the steering is extremely tight. I am going to start the troubleshooting tomorrow to make sure it is the cable and not something else. Where should I start with this? Is it possibly dry rudder shaft? The boat has never been beached and never hit any debris in the lake. Also I have the paddlewheel speedometer, is there any adjustment other than the 2 knobs on the dash or is it just the way it is for the speedometers to never sync?
  8. I've got a '99 Elite V. Has the Teleflex tilt steering column. There is slack in the steering, and the cavitation from the prop feeds up through the steering cable and into the helm, causing vibration and a terrible racket. The steering cable from the rudder to the helm is brand new and tight as can be. The gear box from the end of the steering cable to the tilt unit is a solid shaft, also tight as can be. Inside the tilt mechanism, there is a tiny bit of slop in the articulating unit. I've torn it apart and have found that the two black bearings (lack of a better term) are slightly worn and are where the slop is being introduced. Hoping to find just the bearings and housing (see pics) and not have to replace the entire helm unit ($300). Teleflex part number 9102717. Anybody have a spare, or know a shop that stocks these things?
  9. Took my new-to-me 05 Centurion Elite C4 on its maiden voyage today. Everything all good except I have no speedo and the steeringwheel (rudder) seems to be 90 deg off to the port side (pulls starboard when positioned straight). I guess my question is, what are some things or logical steps to troubleshoot speedo now that its in my driveway AND can a guy align the rudder and wheel pretty easily? I'm no stranger to the wrenches, just looking for some "check this first" advice before I get to tearing into it, I'd like to get back on the lake fully working ASAP! Thanks in advance!
  10. I just purchased boat with almost zero hours so been sitting for 6 years. When I turn the steering wheel it “catches” in different spots when rotating lock to lock. It can be forced past these with serious driver input. Can also gently work the wheel back and forth slightly against the “catch” and it eventually will go past it. Adjusting the tilt steering angles has no effect. I’m ready to figure out what I need for a cable and replace it but I suspect the problem is in the column. Any suggestions?

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