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Found 6 results

  1. The speedometer on my 2009 Enzo sv240 won’t register. It’s a gps based speedometer and it doesn’t have a paddle wheel. The gps screen shows my current location but won’t show speed. Any ideas what could be wrong? Is there a specific fuse for the speedometer? It worked fine 2 days ago then all of a sudden it stopped working.
  2. Wondering if anyone knows if there are Canadian maps available for the GPS systems. I'm the newish owner of a 2014 FX22, and it appears to only have US maps, as everything above the boarder just appears as a huge yellow wasteland. Perhaps I'm missing a setting somewhere? Appreciate the help. Thanks
  3. I am thinking about adding a Lowrance Hook 4 combination GPS/Fishfinder to my Avalanche. Has anyone else added one or something similar? It looks like the placement of the transducer on the stern is very critical and should be in a place where there isn't a lot of air bubbles. Is this an issue with our in-board props? I would like to go with the Lowrance Hook 5, but there just isn't enough space on my dashboard. Any hints or other comments before I go out and buy one?
  4. I am new to this forum and have recently bought a 2009 Avalanche C4. This particular model has a Mercmonitor monitor system and a GPS100 GPS unit. The speedometer is driven from the GPS. What I have found is sometimes (not always) the GPS can take 10+ minutes to acquire a signal, thus making my speedometer inoperable during that time. This happens with the boat out in the open without any obstructions to the sky. I had a conversation with customer support at Mercury and they claim that they haven't seen this problem before. However, they did say that there is a battery inside the GPS unit that may be bad, causing the GPS to take longer to lock onto a signal. They recommended that I replace the GPS100 with their current model GPS400. Before I go and drop $400 on this new GPS unit, I wanted to check here and see if others have had a similar problem. If so, what do you do to fix it?
  5. Hey all, wanted to share this issue to hopefully save a little time and money for anyone else has this problem. A year and a half ago I swapped my speedo and perfect pass over to use the Nautic Laugic http://nauticlaugic.com/nl4.html It stopped working a week or two ago and I found a bit where the receiver wire looked a little chewed up. So I ordered a new wire and receiver (at the tune of $110), and that solved the problem for the speedo, however, the perfect pass was still reading 0, which is a massive pain when trying to surf. After several back and forth emails with their support, I finally got this out of them: Jake, The NL4 is not the issue. We have investigated this problem with other Centurion customers… they witness the same issue you are, only they don’t even have an NL4, they are paddlewheel only. It’s the way Faria made the speedometer, and seems to get worse as the speedometer ages. The symptom includes non-responsive behavior from the Speedometer and/or PerfectPass. And typically disconnecting the paddlewheel signal wire from the Speedometer somehow revives the PerfectPass back to life. In this configuration, the Speedometer is operating in tandem with a PerfectPass, and potentially the speedo is ‘loading-down’ the paddlewheel signal. The burdened paddlewheel signal pulses to 67% of nominal (zero to near 8Vdc), instead of the full zero to 12Vdc. The PerfectPass doesn’t respond well when denied the full 12Vdc signal… yet it may continue to work. Even so, there’s NO Electrical damage being done to the PerfectPass. So far this issue is localized to Centurion boats. Also it appears these are isolated cases within the brand, for our Customer Service was alerted to it a mere handful of times. Further snooping of the Speedo’s internal circuit, we found a way to reconfigure the NL4-CT to isolate/split the GPS output (paddlewheel) signal: and separate the speedo from the PerfectPass. Thus the NL4-CT can feed the Speedo’s maligned circuit and still keep the PP happy. This upgrade eliminates the ‘loading’ issue completely. We started putting this upgrade in all our NL4-CT’s last year, so if you want to send your unit back, we will definitely upgrade it for free. It’s not required to send the GPS Receiver. Hope this helps anyone who may be having the same issue!
  6. Good morning Crew! I am going to invest in a cruise control system in my Elite V this week. I am torn between Stargazer and Zero Off. Zero Off seems to be a few hunderd $$$ more than the stargazer. I don't think I need 3 event, just want to surf and wakeboard at a consistent speed, and have the wife be able to tow without me screaming at her from behind the boat... No current cruise control, speedometer has been sketchy last few trips last year. Paddle wheel is free'd up, the notorious silver knob seems to be inneffective... I want to get it ordered by this weekend, so I need some expert advise from the rest of the crew!

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