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  1. Hey There... I had pretty much the exact same issue with my 06 Cyclone a couple years ago. To make a long story short and to the point, it was the water pump/impeller. Not to bad ($$$) a fix. It potentially could be a sensor as well, but my bet is on the pump, especially if it hasn't been changed on the last 4-5 years. Hope this helps.
  2. Subwoofer and second battery install

    The issue I have with mounting behind the kick plate is space... the Cyclone is only 20 footer and I barely have room for the magnet, ha. I'll have to suck it up and get pounded on... too bad, I like that idea of putting it behind. Thanks.
  3. Subwoofer and second battery install

    Thanks for the input... ya I agree, I'm already ordering an true isolator with a perko switch. It's what I thought I order, then I opened the box and was like huh? I'll probably do something similar as far as the box for the sub. I've noticed I have some H2O come through the cup holder above the footwell when it rains, my boat is on a mooring. I'll have to seal that to be sure the sub is not getting soaked. Not sure if anyone else has had that issue.
  4. Hi Everybody, Been on the forum for a while... mostly just grab all your good ideas, haha, thanks. I had a couple of questions... I'm upgrading my factory Sony Xplod system to add and amp and Sub to my Cyclone C4. Per some suggestions I ordered an isolator for a second battery and I'm not sure it's the right one, there is no switch. It's from Blue Sea, not sure if anyone has used this one or if in fact it got the wrong one. Here's the link: http://bluesea.com/category/2/productline/overview/387 The amp wiring, etc. isn't foreign to me, but adding the second battery is. Any advice would be great. The other question I has was the Sub install. I have a 10 inch and was going to mount under the drivers footwell area. Has anyone just cut into the factory panel, or should I actually build an enclosure (box) for it. I'm obviously looking for the easy way but wasn't sure if the sound is effected that much if I just go mount through what's there. It is open at the top of the factory panel... but would be the easiest and fastest way. Thanks for the help.
  5. I just wanted to chime in and say Hi. I'm the owner of an 06 Cyclone that I've had since it was born. Wakeboarding is our hobby (although I'm getting to old...). We ride mostly in Maine and Mass. It's been a while since I looked for a forum, this is great! Look forward to talking with you all in the future.

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