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  2. If it helps, I have the same boat bought used and it has the same black fly high bags you are describing. They take up almost the entire space. I can fit one or two life jackets on top when they are full but that’s it. No idea if they are the stock 550s. I guess you could measure the bags full and convert square inches to pounds.
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  4. New dealer in North Texas. Action Watersports DFW picked up the Centurion line. Lee and the guys at Action are great! If you have any questions or would like to visit them, let me know!
  5. See if this helps: Starter Motor Rotation looks like it's based on location and orientation of the starter motor itself.
  6. hey guys just picked this up the day after thanksgiving has 600 hours on the ol girl she is a 1987 trutrac? havnt seen this exact color scheme
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  8. I ordered a kit from WakeMakers with two pumps. Will get it installed for next summer and the fun will begin!
  9. FYI, it was standard rotation. LH, Clockwise.
  10. i didn't realize the stock system was just one pump. if you have to upgrade hose anyway, consider putting a big freaking pump in there like the Rule 17A--this is the one that Ronix uses for their 3700GPH Eight.3 system (throw-over-the-side pump). no one is rebranding it yet as a plumbed-in pump, but if you upgrade/add your thru-hull to a 1.5" and use 1.5" hoses, that pump will fill those bags super fast. i used the Ronix system for a few years on my last boat and it would fill and drain 800lb bags in about 3 minutes. you can find fittings and all that for 1.5" hoses here, since none of the online ballast retailers are really selling anything over 1 1/8" yet: https://store.flow-rite.com/products/marine.html?cat=64 if you want to keep it simple and don't care about blazing speed, you can just build an intake off the stock thru-hull with 3 outlets and add two more tsunami 1200's to it. my typhoon came with an intake like this, so if you need an idea of what to build i can take some pics of it for you. tsunami 1200's only cost around $40; were you looking to use impeller pumps instead? don't forget two more aerator pumps to drain if you're sticking with aerators, unless you're reusing the stock drain pumps. usplastic.com has 1 1/8" hose for $1.49/foot, so get some measurements and buy enough to upgrade the hose at the same time.
  11. It seems that i will need to upgrade to 1" hose as well? Maybe two pumps for the rear 1" and keep the factory pump for the center ballast. I leave the front v one full all summer.
  12. Evolution tower removed

    interested if still available
  13. Evolution tower removed

    is your tower still available?
  14. Does anyone know what brand the stock plug and play bags are in a 2015 S226? Since I bought the boat used, I am trying to figure out what I have back there and am not sure. I have black Fly High Fat Sacks. They seem to take up most of the rear lockers, so it leads me to believe they are not the stock 550 lb bags, but I'm not sure. A slightly larger bag would probably fit.
  15. Does anyone know what brand the stock plug and play bags are in a 2015 S226? Since I bought the boat used, I am trying to figure out what I have back there and am not sure. I have black Fly High Fat Sacks. They seem to take up most of the rear lockers, so it leads me to believe they are not the stock 550 lb bags, but I'm not sure. A slightly larger bag would probably fit.
  16. I have a mission delta shaper. We do switch sides for some of the kids friends. Usually one person on the point ends up needing the other side. Right now just one stock pump. And on throw over. But we only use that now if we take another bag along.
  17. Do you ride level weighted with a suck gate or list the boat and switch sides of the ballast often? Do you have two reversible pumps or just the stock one plus a throw over type pump? If level, I’d personally dam near just leave the center full all the time as it doesn’t make or break anything really, or hook the center to tank to a cheap as you can pump, reroute the stock reversible to the front sac and a large reversible to the two sacs. That would be decent and most likely your cheapest. I only rode level with a suckgate on my Elite and only have one reversible Jabsoc King pump for the rear sacs and a tsunami for the v shape under the bow sac. I plan to add a second pump for that sac later but for now it’s fine. Once full you’re set and it only takes me 10-15 minutes to get set up so no big deal to me.
  18. I need to order a starter for my 1991 Centurion Falcon. It’s 6 hours away. Can anyone tell me if the 351w used in these boats are CW or CCW rotation?
  19. interesting you say that because i tried to get mine out for the first time since buying the boat and the t-handle snapped off. i guess the PO only removed the rear one when coming off the water. i'm guessing if yours leaks it's probably a threaded hole that someone replaced with a rubber compression-style plug.
  20. this topic is 5 years old
  21. $2,000 is way too much to spend IMO, unless you're getting a huge speed upgrade along with it. the center ballast is only 250lbs, so you can leave the stock pump for that and upgrade the other two for the rears. or add a second thru-hull and two more 1200 tsunamis to it, with two filling each rear bag. i went a different direction but can't speak to if it's going to work as well as i hope until i get it in the water in the spring--i went with a Rule 1600gph pump for each rear bag because it still uses the same size inlet and hose as the tsunami 1200 that it's replacing. then i will move the tsunami 1200 to the drain port location on each rear bag, replacing that crappy 500gph or whatever stock drain pump. going 1200 to 1600 doesn't sound like a big deal, but the Rule pumps are just so much more efficient in my experience than the tsunami's. here's a pic for comparison:
  22. I will send a few pics this evening. At first glance when I saw it reminded me of a expandable freeze plug if anybody who remembers those. That’s a good idea thinking maybe the t-handle may have pulled off at some point in the past. I know it’s one of the lowest points in the hull, but mine appears to be leaking pretty good when the boat is in the water. She is in my shop for the little bit of winter we get and I’m planning to fix the few squawks over the weekends..
  23. Can you post a picture so we can see?
  24. Mine has the t handle style as well. I’m wondering if someone lost the t handle and replaced with the rubber style you’re referring to? Is the drain threaded? If so, could just buy t handle?
  25. Can anyone give some guidance on removing the bilge drain located in the bottom of the hull in front of the V-Drive? I don’t have a service manual and have searched and just haven’t seen any details on removing and replacing that drain location. Mine appears to have some type of compression rubber with a center threaded shaft. Mine appeared to be leaking last year and I’d like to replace it while I have the boat on a trailer versus on our boat lift. My hull is a ‘02 Elite V-Drive. I saw a newer 2013 Centurion Enzo and their front drain appeared to have been replaced with a t-handle garboard-style drain. Can I hear from a few of you that have replaced their drain before? Thx - rob
  26. Check and make sure your belt is very tight. Later models have a single serpentine accessory drive belt, but your ‘82 I think had v belts. If they get wet they slip if not really tight. Other idea is the engine driven water pump could be a problem. Is water actually circulating through your block? The impeller most of us are talking about pulls lake water and provides it to the open cooling system, but the Chevy small block also has a mechanical engine mounted water pump that circulates the water in the engine cooling circuit. If either pump goes down you overheat.
  27. I am looking at doing an upgrade on the pumps on my 2007 Centurion Avalanche C4. I have 750s in the rear lockers, and the factory center ballast. Plus a loose v bag in the front. Looking at the kit from Wake Makers, but it's not cheap. Wondering if i am better of going with two pumps for the rear lockers, and leaving the factory one for the center built in ballast. Or better off just replacing all three. The kit with 3 pumps is about $2,000 plus installation
  28. Nevermind. I called them again and talked with another guy there and he found it. He said it is kind of difficult to install, but we build machines for a living so I think we can handle it. Thanks again for your help.
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