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  2. This shows water sitting on top of amp!! The photo isn’t allowed bc I guess I’ve uploaded too much on this posting. Maybe it will upload tomorrow.
  3. First pic has red arrow pointing to bolt w fender washer. The black box is some sort of fuel vent box from fuel tank. This second pic shows water on speaker wire harness
  4. I have a 2015 FS44. I had the boat out on the driveway in a light mist/rain for the day while I was reworking some wiring with the stereo. While under the port dash later in the day I noticed water slowly dripping from two of the bolts w big fender washers that I think are holding down the windshield base. Water had dropped onto a wiring harness and then on top of one of the Roswell amps and finally behind the power blocks and onto the battery charger. So, I know I’m not usually on the water in the rain, but if the boat is in the rain sometime or even washing it I don’t want to damage any stereo equipment. Has anyone else had this problem. I figure best move is to release windshield frame and then put some 3M 5200 around the bolt hole and tighten things back up. Anyone have any tips? ill try to post my video of the leak.
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  6. We are the dealer here in Utah and can give you a bit of context here. The price we have posted online is MSRP. It is a number that is determined by the Centurion factory and not by our dealership. This is the same for all Centurion dealerships nationwide. Per our dealer agreements, we are required to ONLY post MSRP online as the price on the boats and can't post the price we actually sell the boats for, which is why we also put "CALL FOR PRICE" on all listings. MSRP is an arbitrary number that is primarily used to value a boat for financing purposes, which is why it is inflated considerably compared to the price we actually sell the boats for. Every boat manufacturer has a similar MSRP markup and discount for actually selling the boat. Nautique actually inflates the MSRP more than Centurion does. As far as the prices go, in our market, a Ri237 / Ri257 sells for about $10k less than a G23 / G25, if they are optioned the same. The Nautique dealer here in Utah brings a lot of boats in stripped down to show lower prices where most of the boats we have at the boat show are fully loaded Ri boats with all the bells and whistles. Hope that helps clarify a few things for anyone that is looking at pricing.
  7. looking for advice on boards

    Honcho my advice if spending that sort of $$ is look at soulcraft or Chaos. Both Jeff and Nick have been building boards for years and with that experience comes amazing boards that work not to mention the quality and pride they put into their products.
  8. Ballast help 2007 Elite V C4

    Each rear locker on your boat can fit a 750 pound bag.
  9. My wife and I went to the Utah boat show last weekend. Here are some of our take-aways: We love Centurions. We own a 2015 FS44 that has a killer surf wave. Colors are awesome. Other than lack of storage, we have really enjoyed this boat. Anyway... The Centurion dealers at the boat show made us really laugh. The boats are awesome, but their pricing strategy is seriously up in the night! The price they are advertising for an RI257 is over $200K! (online also) The funny thing is that they are not actually trying to get that out of it. They are doing to old trick of setting the price really high, and then saying "but your price is X", as if people are that uneducated and are going to fall for the good deal trick. LOL! To top it off, the price they are actually trying to get from an RI257 is still higher than a Nautique G25! So in Utah, if you think Nautique G23 or 25 are expensive, wait until you look at the Centurion RI237 or 257! Wow!
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  11. looking for advice on boards

    Doomswell board of the year ? ROTFLMAO really they are mass produced made in China junk
  12. looking for advice on boards

    Doomswell neo was board of the year, really want to demo one they sound sick. But I also am a phase 5 fan
  13. Let's See Your Rides

    Just bought our first wakeboard/wakesurf boat from NW Boat Sports after spending the last 5 years with my Yamaha SX230. Looking forward to this season with our 2019 S239!
  14. I second the Phase 5 Model X. It's a great board that will really improve your surfing skills.
  15. Let's See Your Rides

    Last photo before storing for 2018 season.
  16. looking for advice on boards

    I’m selling my Hyperlite quad 59. Idk what size you are and what size the blender was, but this is a 59. I bought it wanting to try more of a surf style ride and it was fun but not my thing. I’m just love skim style. It’s definitely a thinker board. You can ride two fins for a looser feel or four and it sticks n drives forward. If you like the thruster style I recommend Phase Five model x or fireball.
  17. Here is a link to the 301 Video:
  18. Just wondering if anyone on here is from or somewhat near the Chicago area....
  19. What app is everyone using??????

    WE used Tapatalk in the past, when we last updated the site software we had an issue. Tapatalk is all but, impossible to get support from. We are currently trying again.
  20. Welcome! Beautiful boat. Most people replace the pad with a see deck or gator step. The bow filler? probably be better off just building one. They are hard to find.
  21. Just want to say hello and ask what I'm sure will end up being, a TON of questions. I just bought a 2011 Avalanche C4! (taking delivery in a week or 2). I'm excited to say the least. This is my family's first boat and we can't wait to get on the water. Thanks in advance for any and all help. 2 questions to start... 1. The edges of the swim platform cover are peeling up. Do you guys recommend a factory style pad or sea dek/ gator step style? I'm a handy guy, so making one from scratch to save $$ is a plus. 2. The boat does not have the bow filler cushion. It's not a major priority, but I thought I would start early in my search. The interior is Light Grey/Too Blue Thanks again for the add and I look forward to getting to know you all, Richie
  22. CREW DEAL: 2018 CenturionCrew.Com Spare Tire Cover

    I'm still in. Please let me know if it happens.
  23. Could you post another link to the 301 video? The thread is only showing 101,201,201. Sort of weird and I’m very interested in the 301
  24. CREW DEAL: 2018 CenturionCrew.Com Spare Tire Cover

    Anyone still interested in this? Looks like we have 9 people ready...we need 12 per admin to make a deal happen!
  25. Well congratulations on the purchase! I love mine for sure. Definitely upgrade the bags to the 1000’s or 1100’s. I recommend the thousands as most I’ve read on the 1100’s is you have to reinforce the panels and cup holders.... also get at least 600 lbs of lead or sacks for under the benches. If not both if you can. As far as wave size, yeah we definitely get a better wave in the dealer sections of the river. Avg is about 15’ for us. With fills times, it’s about 8 minutes total and the river is almost always mellow where we go. Most day there’s probably about 7-8 other boats and randomly some more people that just come to check out the area, but if you go to the other end it’s pretty packed. That’s where the beach is and party cove. I’m planning on heading up into Wisconsin this season a few time by lake Geneva. Not sure how far that is from you but it’s a good weekend getaway spot.
  26. S 238 stereo build

    thank you Wylie
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