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  2. Sounds like a battery or amp supply cable got connected in reverse polarity. I would get a volt meter and check for the proper voltage at the back of the head and then at the amp(s).
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  4. Hi i picked up my boat from the mechanic after getting it summer ready. I noticed the power wire for my stereo was disconnected from the battery. I turned the batter selector switch to off and connected the power. My deck still didn’t turn on. My stereo rocker switch lights up. I checked fuses and the fuse in the back of the stereo was blown as well as both fuses in my tower speaker amp. I checked the fuse in the panel that says stereo and it was okay. I replaced all the fuses and still nothing turning on the deck. Could the deck be blown? Not sure where to look next. Any help would be great. Thank you
  5. We used to use a vacuum and fish tape and a lot of frustration at a marina I worked at. Sometimes it was easy... sometimes it wasnt. Pull with your existing wire. So much easier.
  6. My 02 wake is surfable with just an 1100 in the back locker and a few people in boat on same side. At most i've done 1100 sac + 400 under seat on surf side, and a 400 under the walk thru. Moving people to the bow at that point didn't seem to help. Seems people add bow weight once they've really loaded the back first. I'd like to do the 600 under the seat and a fatbrick on platform next before looking at bow again. I also dont have the center tank.
  7. You could take it to a machine shop or welder and have a little material wleded in then have them tap a new hole the thread pattern that the nut used to be or they might have some sort of threaded insert that can be welded in? My tower filled slowly with water over a decade and cracked out one winter. A local welder did a decent repair.
  8. Have you checked great lakes skipper? For a while I was able to find OEM things for my 2002 on there.. not so much anymore. The things I'm looking for that I can't get OEM anymore I have been considering getting pieces of HDPE "Starboard" marine plastic cut or maybe even aluminum machined.
  9. I still haven't made any progress on this project but was thinking about it today. Going to be at the lake for 10 days for the 4th. I committed to building a parade float... but might be a good time to start wet sanding =D
  10. 2006 Avalanche

    When I worked at a centurion dealership years ago (lot boy and gopher not anything skilled) the heaters were notoriously hard to winterize and often froze out no matter how much antifreeze or compressed air we blew in. Post some pics of your non functional install and maybe it will jog my memory.
  11. Prop Seal drip

    I have an 2002 Escalade and I haven't noticed a drip from inside out before but normally water only gets in like that on my lift before the canopy is installed (always leave plugs in on cable lift, years ago I witnessed way too many hydro locked motors when a cable snaps, but always store on dry land nose up plugs out). I've never serviced the shaft seal and suspect it is leaking outside in. Haven't confirm the leak and repack the seal is on my to do list. That probably didn't help at all...
  12. This site could use a category for keeping these older boats maintained. I just posted a similar post regarding my 2002 Elite V and a drip. Here is what i’ve found - If you have the stock bilge pump (mounted on a block of wood in the rear of the bilge area most likely under the alternator) you’ll see even if it does a perfect job it would leave 2-3” of water in the bilge. The rear brass plug gets you down another inch - but you will have still have some standing water inside. My thought is it depends on how your boat sits on the trailer at what angle. You have several hull pass-thru points - could have a thru-hull transducer, strake mounts, rudder pinion seal, or prop shaft seal leaking. By the way, I went with one of the new Whale style bilges mounted lower than stock and really like the amount of water it removes - and to a lower level. That was one of the first things I replaced, along with upgrading all of the bilge and ballast hoses. Not a bad job. Hope this helped give you some ideas.
  13. Check the breaker panel? On my 2010 it's on the side starboard wall under steering wheel area, slightly behind side trim panel.
  14. Yes disconnect the power to the amp. Since you already removed the RCA’s the problem should be between the amp and sub.
  15. Well, a few too many hours on saturday pulling it apart, repainted and installed new riser gaskets/manifold gaskets and she runs perfect!
  16. Last week
  17. I have a 2009 Centurion Storm Series Avalanche. The center ballast will turn on and fill and empty. However, the port and starboard ballast pumps don't turn on. They worked when I picked up the boat but now when I hit the switch they don't come on. Is there an easy fix or something I should be looking for? (inline fuse or ???)
  18. Your wake should start to flatten out at any speed greater than 28 mph. What rope length are you using? You should be starting at 15 off...that's 60 feet. That should put you beyond the rooster tail. Are you running the stock prop? If yes, a new CNC nibral prop like the ACME 541 will reduce the rooster tail. Contact either ACME and/or Eric at OJ props for assistance with selecting the correct prop for your activity. Also, try to get the back of the boat out of the water...meaning, experiment with less gas in the tank and see what effect that reduction in weight might have. Consequently, you might try putting 80 - 100 pounds in the bow of your boat to see if that causes the nose to rotate down a bit and get the back of the boat to run a little lighter. Does your wake look like this:
  19. Kinda have a strange situation that I'd like to hear some perspective on from members. Have a '02 Elite V C4 Air Warrior that we keep lifted in a boat house on our lake. Saturday I hit a submerged stump and put a small ding in the 3-blade prop, lots of vibration so idled in and pulled the boat out and trailered it a couple of hours home so I could exchange props on dry land. This boat never sits uncovered, and while home it sat outside the first night and wouldn't you know we had pretty torrential rains - like 4" Sunday nightt here in Houston. I came home from work on Monday and things were drying out but I noticed there was water on the driveway under boat. Looking closer I saw there was a steady drip - every 2-3 sec drip - coming from the prop shaft dripping water out from inside the boat. I looked in the bilge and found 5" of water standing in the engine and tranny bilge areas. I pulled the plug and ran the bilge to drain the water, and all is good. Got me to thinking I had never noticed a sizeable prop shaft leak, but then again maybe this is normal. Different perspective from water leaking into the hull, versus seeing water leaking out. One lesson- I need to pull the plug if/when I store this boat exposed to weather. Anyone have any thoughts if this is normal?
  20. We have an '83 Ski Centurion Tru Trac. It's a 19 foot. We aren't planing well and are considering smart tabs. We have too much wake and rooster tail for happy single skiing. Will the smart tabs help us with less wake, rooster tail? As I have been looking at all other discussions on forums, looks like I'm looking for the opposite of everyone else in this world. Looking for less wake.
  21. Disconnect the power to the amp? removing that sub is not going to be easy. It’s a custom 2.5 cubic foot box built under the helm haha
  22. Hello all, I am a first time poster here, i have been reading for a while and have an issue I've been noticing for a while now with my 2004 Eclipse V drive. The boat stays on trailer our climate controlled warehouse when its not being used, lately I have noticed that it will have a slow drip from the t handle hull drain for at least a week maybe more after it has been used. the walk thru cooler is used and stocked with ice every time we use the boat. both the t handle and the rear plug are pulled at the ramp when we are done using the boat but still once we get back to warehouse it continues to drip. the hose on the port side of the engine with the hose flush port stays full... that was my first though that it was in fact leaking somewhere. I just checked it tonight after 8 days of it being out of the water and it has one drip every 30-40 seconds, I have not gotten my head into it yet but wanted to ask the pros on here before I did. any help would be appreciated thanks
  23. I just had a flawless week on Lake Powell with my 2014 SV233.
  24. Since you started with the rca, now disconnect the power and reconnect it. If that dose nothing pull the sub and take a look at it. From there take the amp out and have it bench tested at a stereo shop.
  25. Ok fixed issue two. Bottom line I’m a radio-edit. It was in neutral but apparently not all the way up. Jiggled the throttle back and forth and she started right up. I still cannot figure out the stereo issue. I tried unplugging the RCAs in the back of the deck but that didn’t change anything. Here’s a video. I’m stuck on what to check next.
  26. Still having trouble with my ballast filling (starboard side). Strange issue. Its intermittent as well...which is driving me nuts. 2007 Enzo SV216. Has the four sprinkler valves. Clean filter. Pump is running. Impeller looks mint. I pulled the filter and turned the pump on and water came out. The strange thing is that the last two times it did this, once i removed the hose from the output side of the pump, it started working again. At least until I got it full. The very next time though it did the same thing. Is it possible that there is air pressure keeping the pump from priming after I had stopped filling? My service tech told me before I should get rid of the sprinkler system too. Thoughts?
  27. The issue with a woofer closed in an insulated locker, is they tend make boat shake, but add little musically. unless you vent the locker. If the existing woofer is just "ok", id put my efforts into improving it first. Is the tuning optimal? Larger woofer? Does it need more wattage? Move from a sealed to ported enclosure?
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