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  1. Wake Shaper

    Thanks for all of the feedback guys. I went with a buddy on his 2018 Malibu yesterday and it was a big difference. I'm going to change out the hard tanks and get a wake shaper. I never thought about the water depth. Our whole lake is about 15' or less it seems except in the channel or by the dam.
  2. I have a 2008 Centurion Lighting C4 with both side and center ballast and this is the first year switching from Wakeboard to Wake Surfing. Except for my lightweight daughter, none of the rest of us can drop the rope. We just slide backwards through the wake. I'm thinking the wake is not big enough or steep enough, but it could also just be not knowing what we are doing. Any recommendations of wake shapers, or suggestions on what we are doing wrong?

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