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  1. Then what about putting a spacer/sleeve on the back side to compensate for the missing piece? This will firm up the gauge in the hole.
  2. You're probably going to have to make the replacement or have it made. That's what I did with my dashboard panel upgrades. Your options are going to be aluminum that's powdercoated, or some kind of plastic. Use the old panel as a template to create the new one.
  3. 94 Falcon Project

    Mine looks like the one in Jago Baby's pic too. So far no response from Centurion, but I found the Gatorstep rep on Facebook, so I'm going to communicate with him and see if I can make some progress. Jago - how hard was the template creation process? I want one piece shaped like a U to go over those triangle areas where the original 3 wood slats were and up the sides to about where the red color stops.
  4. 1991 Ski Centurion 30

    It looks like when Centurion redid their website, they took down the history page. I recall seeing one that was with a red background. A google search brings up this one. It might be from the Australian Centurion site. While it does a good job of laying out the history Centurion boats, it makes no mention of a 30 foot off shore boat powered by dual outboards. Sorry. http://chadoulas2.wixsite.com/centurion-boats/history
  5. 94 Falcon Project

    You can fit a GPS unit there. That's what I did when I re-did my dash in my Falcon. See: I talked to Gator Step today about getting Centurion logo custom made decking for the back of my boat. They have the logos, but they asked that I get permission to have it used on custom work, not the premade stuff that they have. We'll see if it's allowed. I have it kind of designed in my mind.
  6. Where did you purchase the lights? Are they the ones from ITC Marine?
  7. Hi all, I'm on Lake Martin, on the north end...boat lives at River North marina. Any Centurion guys around there? I've seen a couple of Enzos at our marina. Looking forward to getting this season going.
  8. So? How'd it look? Did you buy it? I have this exact same boat, same color and everything. If it's super clean and there's no issues hiding below the floor, I'd say $9K tops.

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