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  1. If it is, and the bungee is on the leading edge of the rope closer to the attachment on the pylon, I'd just tie a knot around it and avoid using it.
  2. Usually they can be removed as another section of the rope. Is yours fully integrated into the primary length of the rope?
  3. Small handle > t bar > braided rope. Some people just don't have the grip strength for a braided rope. T bar just looks weird. But get a small handle and never consider anything bigger than 8-10 inches. Thats too much risk for beginners. I hate bungees. They tend to shoot back at the transom of the boat, or back into the boat and worse hit someone in the head. Absolutely worst invention ever. I get it, it makes the sudden jerk of the rider on the wave easier to manage, but they either need to learn to deal with it or just fall. Not worth damage to boat or potentially injuring the crew.
  4. NY wake laws coming into effect

    I built a propane metered golf ball cannon 10 years ago which could shoot about 300 yards. It was about 12 feet long with the barrel though.. https://cwazy1.wordpress.com/advance-combustion-cannon/
  5. NY wake laws coming into effect

    This is where I'm glad the two lakes near me are either so heavily dominated by water sports (lake sammamish) or have wind swells bigger than any yacht wake (lake washington) that no one even bats an eye to our small wakesurf waves.
  6. maybe if you could find one that is big enough? When I think of those things I think deep and not super wide/long.
  7. S238 tow vehicles

    Ha! I've luckily never experienced it. I'm glad to be wet slipped in lake union. Although I do live right across the street from the armory entry on 75th. I do love riding my electric skateboard down through magnuson to the boat launch to watch the crazyness. Always brings a smile to my face.
  8. S238 tow vehicles

    nah, magnuson now has white lines as well as white bumps within each line.
  9. Just a touch too high IMO. In this season, I wouldn't go over 65-67
  10. haha me too, need to ensure that it fills 110% full all the way to the vent port out the gunwale
  11. They're great and worth it. Pattern match is great.
  12. iirc, vdrive fluids only need to be changed if it becomes contaminated. If you do change it, its just the fluid.
  13. And this is because during that service, they check the alignment of the engine to vdrive, and if off, adjust engine mounts. ^ I wouldn't even think about adjusting that myself if the alignment was off. But outside of that, I also do the routine stuff myself. PCM engines are easy to work on. They're very well designed and Fineline has done a great job making sure everything is easily accessible
  14. Bags Self Draining

    aerators are not self priming, meaning that water may freely pass through the hoses even when the pump is off. reversible pumps are self priming and sealed, meaning no water can freely pass through them when the pump is off. an aerator pump fill line can siphon water out of a ballast bag when the pump is off a reversible pump fill line can never siphon water out of a ballast bag when the pump is off (unless you have a faulty impeller which has a leak)
  15. Pull 6 plugs on the engine/manifold to drain. Pull heater hose on one end of engine and blow to clear hose and radiator. Remove intake strainer and dump out water Pull v drive plug Turn on ballast pumps to ensure no water between ballast pump impeller veins Open and close QF valves to ensure no water Extra pooh: top off gas tank, pour appropriate stabil oil change oil filter change replace impeller every other year quick inspection of all hoses/wires/belt/lines

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