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  1. Try A.I.R. Upholstery. They are in Littleton and seem to do a pretty good job. They are just a small mom and pop shop so not sure of their timeline. You can also try Paul's canvas in Denver I believe they do interiors as well. Good luck Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. My 230 pulls to the right if I let go of the wheel, especially under acceleration
  3. So after a week on the lake in fairly high temperatures we had one hard start situation. Put it in neutral and gave it some throttle and it started up with no other issues the rest of the week. Throughout the entire trip we had the every once in a while two beep alarm but it was only repeating on one of the occasions. it seems to only do it when I am getting on the throttle or running the boat fairly hard. during the day when the lake was rough we would pull tandem tubes for the kids and this seemed to be a time for the alarm. the one time the alarm repeated itself every minute I took the boat back to camp and shut the batteries off and left it alone for a while. after it cooled down I took a look around the engine compartment and noticed a decent amount of water in the bilge. found the shaft seal leaking a drop at least every second if not more. adjusted the shaft seal and pumped out the bilge and the boat seemed to run without issue the remainder of the trip. I'm wondering if water sloshing around in the bilge could have gotten some wiring wet and caused my alarm. I plan on giving the boat a tune up now that we are back from our trip. I don't believe there is an issue with the cooling system, temp never went over 175 and you can see good water coming out of the exhaust when surfing. my only other thought on the alarm is the IAC with the intermittent start issue as well as the engine almost dies every once in a while but recovers itself and then runs without issue this has happened a couple of times while at idle. Any thoughts?
  4. Yeah that was us in the White Yukon. I had just left Decon. We are headed up to Carter lake for the week. I remember why I try and stay at the same lake for the most part. Decon is a pain in the A$$. Kinda funny I thought we would be one in a million in an all red enzo. We saw maybe one centurion all last year in this area. We'll see ya around out there.
  5. thanks for the additional information. We are out at Chatfield 3 or 4 times a week. If you see an all red SV230 stop by and say hi. we are either riding or hanging out in the no wake area
  6. Maybe I will pull the floor on Saturday morning and take a look at the lines and valves and see about cleaning them out and replacing the fuel filter. the boat seems to have been starting ok but like you said this week will be the real test with the weather finally warming up here in Denver. thanks for all the information. Dewman: what lake do you guys boat at?
  7. We went out the other night and the boat was running just fine. We came to the end of the night and I was emptying all of my ballast which included 4 pumps running at the same time as well as running light and my transom LEDs and I started to get the 2 beep every 60 seconds alarm. I checked all of the gauges and didn't see any issue other than the voltage seamed low. took the boat home and did some research thought it might be the water pressure sensor, I ran the boat on the hose with no further alarm also went back to the lake and ran without issue other than what seamed to be low battery voltage. at idle or at speed it was showing right at 12 volts. after starting the boat it was lower. took the boat home again and ran it on the hose and checked with a meter at both the alternator and the batteries and both showed 14.2 at idle. So the question is could have pulling to much power by running lights and pumps at the same time have caused the alarm. I've done some research and it seems like it is almost always water pressure but this doesn't seem to be the issue as even after running hard I can feel the risers and they feel cold so I assume the impeller is just fine. Any help is appreciated. I am leaving for a week long boat trip in a couple of days and would hate to break down over something stupid.
  8. I'll definently check on the fuel pressure. we were out this entire weekend with no issues. I did not sit for any amount of time with my bags and tanks full. Anytime were were anchored up i would empty my bags. maybe next weekend I will try and sit with the bags full again and see if this is an ongoing issue. I was also going to change the fuel filter just because. I'm new to this boat so I don't really know its service history.
  9. thanks guys. I will check those two things out and see what I got going.
  10. So I have a 2004 sv230 with the black scorpion engine. This afternoon while at the lake we decided to take a break and go have some lunch. I didn't want to dump all the weight just to go anchor up for an hour or so so I left the boat ballasted. I had around 1800lbs in the back and about 300 in the front. Boat was mostly weighted even because I was testing a homemade wake gate. I have no issue listing the boat but the wife is a goofy rider and it's a pain to transfer all the weight. Once we were done hanging out we decided to take off. I went to start the boat and it would turn over but not start. Popped the engine hatch and took a look and also checked the kill switch found nothing wrong with either. I finally decided to put it in neutral only and give it some throttle and after a few it started and ran without issue. This is my first year with the boat but have not had a starting issue until today. This is also the first time I had left it weighted while just hanging out. I thought I had read a thread on here some time ago about this issue but searched and couldn't find anything. Ran the engine on the hose when we got home with no issue. Wondering if anyone new if the weight could have caused it or if anyone has any other ideas on what could have caused it
  11. I use a danforth anchor. It works great as long as there is not a lot of rock. I am actually looking for something different that is a little more compact for our day trips.
  12. SV230 high altitude prop

    I don't see why it wouldn't. I ran mine at 5000' this last weekend and was amazed how much better it ran. Well worth the purchase price
  13. SV230 high altitude prop

    Went ahead with the 911. Installed it yesterday and took the boat to the lake this morning. Night and day difference from the 231 that was installed. Didn't really lose any top end and the boat pops right out of the water now.thanks for the input.
  14. SV230 high altitude prop

    I sent an email to Acme to see what they come up with. Thanks for the input. I'll let you all know what they come up with. I checked the crew deals and noticed every prop in there is marked as "sold out". I would be more than happy to purchase through there if the listing is wrong. I'm all about saving money.
  15. SV230 high altitude prop

    I'm going to go ahead and order the 911. I wish I could find it for under $300. The cheapest I can find it for is $380 but I believe that will still make it well worth the investment. thanks for the input H20

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