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  1. Let me know, I'm happy to order them and send one your way
  2. I found a pair for $159 so I may just buy the pair and sell the other one if anyone else needs one
  3. I pulled it and tested it with my multimeter just to confirm that it's toast
  4. I blew one of the interior XS-650 speakers in my Enzo and I'm looking for a replacement. As far as I can see, they are sold only in pairs but I only need one. Anyone happen to have an extra one that they would part with? PM me if you want to sell one...
  5. I actually figured it out. What was throwing me for a loop was that the USB plug was coming out of the radio directly into the port with the AUX port that's mounted by the stereo. Once I got to looking at it a little closer I realized that the whole USB cord can just be unplugged from the plastic housing (it looked as though it was a permanent part of the housing initially). So, I did get it replaced but I'm still having an issue where my starboard tower speakers don't play in AUX mode. I get sound from all other speakers except those 2. I turn to Sirius/XM and all the speakers work fine. Go figure??
  6. Last year I bought my 2012 Enzo 233 from a dealership in Florida (I'm in Texas) sight unseen. I did a ton of research on the dealership and owner and found out they were awarded dealer of the year from Centurion a couple years ago so I knew they were legit. They also provided me with contact info for many other people who bought boats from them out of state. The guy sent me probably 100 pictures of the boat in ridiculous detail and I feel like he made it sound like it was in worse condition than it was. I was pleasantly surprised when I got it with the exception that he incorrectly advertised the ballast package that it had so I ended up having to add a bit after the fact. However, I got such a good deal on it that I didn't mind much. The dealership has a full time employee who's only job was to deliver boats and he walked over the whole boat with me so I could inspect it prior to signing and taking delivery. I was really impressed and it all worked out well. Now if this had been a private party deal there is no way I would have taken that gamble. You may want to check out the same dealers site, it's called Transition Watersports and they have a fair amount of used inventory. Good luck...
  7. I'm glad to see that the crew is coming around to the idea of wake shaping devices. Last year I made a few posts about the one I built and people scoffed at me for putting something like that on a Centurion that is built to be listed. I gladly took the heat though considering that my surf wave is INSANE now, even on the goofy side! No shame in that...
  8. I have a short in the AUX/USB input cable connected to my head unit (Clarion CMD8 I believe). I would like to replace it so I crawled in to take a look behind the head unit and it appears that the cable can't be simply unplugged from the back of the stereo. Seems to be a permanent part of the stereo so I'm wondering how I can replace that. Is it something I can cut and splice to a new one?? Just curious if anyone else has had this problem and how they fixed it. Thanks!
  9. That's true, mine's definitely using a bit more fuel but soooo worth it. Glad it worked out for you too!
  10. You must be mistaken as there's clearly no way you can achieve a better wave without listing. Grumble, grumble, stick with what works, deep-V hull, etc etc, etc.
  11. I've been running at 11.5 mph. The wave on the port side isn't really tall but it has a lot of push. For some reason the wave on the starboard side is a little taller and not as long...go figure. Both sides have tons of push though.
  12. I just attach the lanyard to the transom where I normally hook the tie down. It came off once and was dragging safely a few feet behind the boat, no problems. Since I got the Cosmos handle it hasn't ever come off, even when I forgot to take it off and hit 25 mph.
  13. I posted this in a couple places already. This is with even weight on both sides and surfgate on starboard side. I was able to ride this wave til I was so exhausted I just fell over. I've never even been able ride more than a minute before now...
  14. The HOD handle sucks, I tried it too and it didn't hold. Buy the aluminum heavy duty Cosmos handle from Amazon, its LEGIT
  15. I made a home-brew version for my Enzo and it works like a champ. I still list the boat just a bit, and that seems to give me the best of both worlds. All this talk about "no replacement for displacement" I don't understand. When my boat is evenly weighted I have a lot more ballast weight in the boat than when its listed so I assume (and I'm no physicist) that the boat is displacing MORE water this way. My thoughts...build your own for $30 and then go buy that Ronix bag and you'll have both.

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