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  1. The shifter on my 2014 SV233 works fine except for the button the you push to keep the throttle in neutral in order to rev the engine. Is there an easy fix? Frankly, I seldom would need or use this feature, but I would like to have it working.
  2. I have a 2014 sv233 and continue to love it. I need some upholstery work done and I was thinking of adding a step to the rear center cushion for people to step on as they get ready to ride. Has anyone else done this? If so, Please forward some details and or pictures.
  3. Thanks NW! I leave mine in the open position while on the lift.
  4. I did not take any pics and I need to. I won't be heading to the lake for a couple weeks. Jackie graduates this weekend with her doctorate and visiting oldest daughter in Jersey the following one.. I used it this past weekend with a full crew and I am not sure I like as much as I do with a small crew. It was hard changing settings and emptying weight with RamFil is hard to judge since it is on a timer.. The 233 is more sensitive to shifting weight and bodies than the new RI series. My rpm's are significantly higher with all the people.
  5. I had my valves switched over to Valterra a long time ago and have had no issues. When I put the boat on the lift, I put the boat in trailer mode and leave the valves open. I heard this was the thing to do, right? Is there anything else I should be doing to prolong the life of these valves?
  6. It is my understand that the hulls will be the same as the RI series. The FI can be bought stripped down giving Centurion a boat to compete in a slightly lesser market.
  7. I can say that the Tsunami has three positions for potential set up. I have not used the setting with the least angle. (the furthest from 90 degrees) Yes, you use more gas and run at higher rpm's. The are many on the market and for 200-250 you can get something pretty nice. The Tsunami came with a leash. IT currently does NOT float, but I think they may be working on a floating model. This is not an issue with the leash.
  8. I have the front bag full and have an additional 150 under the removable cushion.. I do not have plug and play in the rear so I have about 400lbs of hard weight on each side and RamFil to 70%. Trim anywhere from 20 to 40%. YRMV I used to ride at anywhere from 10.9 to 11.1 and now I am at 11.3-11.4
  9. I am a person who is always looking to make my boat's wave better. I love my 233. 6-7 peeps along with my normal ballast was GREEEAT. The goofy wave is always just alright as compared the regular side. Anyway, I tried one those suctions systems. I have used the Mission Delta and the Tsunami by Agenda Surf. My first attempt was with a borrowed Mission, but I decided to purchase the Tsunami from Agenda. Similar results with both although it took me a couple times to smoothly install the Tsunami. The wave was AWESOME, best ever. I could ride faster and the push was fantastic, especially from far back. This with just two people in the boat. In addition, I was running the RamFil at 70% along with the hard weight I have stashed around.
  10. I think I did get most of the pieces up. All is functioning well. thanks
  11. This past weekend I had an interesting set of events. While surfing, the engine warning lights came on as the engine was overheating. I found that the serpentine belt completely disintegrated causing everything to stop working. Anyway, I located the size of the belt and found and exact replacement at the local NAPA store, but it did not fit. I know it is the right size and the belt was tight but short. NAPA had another that was a little more than an inch longer, but that seemed to be too much. Advanced Auto had one that measured about 1/2" longer and It fit just right. I left the boat on my lift and ran things for about 30 minutes and all was good. I turned everything off and re booted and all warnings were gone. The cowling covering the serpentine belt had one bolt holding it in place. I am not sure that happened to the other bolts. This was the likely culprit that led to the belt issue. I left the cowling off for the time being. The bolts holding the cowling in place are specialized and I am looking for replacement bolts. Anyone have an idea where to find these? Anyone had a similar belt size issue? Spec was 13/16 x 91 1/4 >>>>> I used a 13/16 x 91.8"
  12. Two years on the Valterras and no issues ....... knock on wood!
  13. There are no holes to plug. The wing part was free from and attachment. My good friends at Phase 5 have the same boat you have. They started using the Mission Delta wake shaper and their wave cleaned and got really good. This is what I would do and not cut the plate.
  14. The asymmetrical plate came on my 2014 model, but not on the 2013 I had. I cut it off on the 2013 and all was good, I would see what it is like with what you have first and see if you like it. Once cut, it is cut. It is easy to remove and it cost me about 50 to have it cut

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