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  1. Can anyone tell me if all gear box ratios are the same for a 2015 FS-44 with the 450HP base motor? If so, what is the ratio? I am trying to spec out a new prop that might work better for me at my altitude.
  2. I put a pair of Rigid Industries Wake Flame lights on mine. Made the mistake of mounting them too high. When surfing, the light hits the platform too much and really dims their effect. These are an RGB style with controller. Its kind of cool to be able to change the color to whatever you like that night. Might try and install an angle bracket that was mentioned earlier in this post to angle them down a bit.
  3. Fresh Air Exhaust

    Thought I would post a few pics of my install. Again, very happy with how this works. The reduction in exhaust noise is unbelievable! You can talk without yelling at the surfer.
  4. Fresh Air Exhaust

    I have a 2015 FS 44 and installed the FAE on it. Had a little problem with getting it to stay on but FAE helped me find a fix and supplied all the parts. I have never had a spray issue with mine. As mentioned earlier it does have some spray at higher speeds but nothing at surf speed. VERY happy with this product and the service from FAE.
  5. FAE Alternative

    I noticed that everyone who has put turndowns on instead of the FAE have duel exhaust. Has anyone done anything with the single exhaust? I have a new 2015 FS-44 and it is really loud compared to by older 2013 FX-22. Any help is greatly appreciated.

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