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  1. You are having a problem with your port QF valve. Open and close it using trailer mode and have someone watch the back of the boat with a light to see if it opens and closes as much and as easily as the starboard one. You mentioned that you changed them?! If you have a good old or new one, simply unplug the port one and plug in a test valve, open and close in trailer mode. If no fault on screen with the test valve, you have to replace the port valve. Do your valves have 2 wires or 3 wires?
  2. Ri257 Options

    Your dealer can email it to you
  3. CATS question

    CATS is still an option. With the new Opti-V hull, CATS isn't really needed but if you are one of those guys who likes to tweak, then yes you can use CATS to tweak your surf, wakeboard and running attitude of the boat.
  4. Black on Black 257 build

    Software issue, let the factory know today. If you go into dealer settings, the 2017 Ri 257 has transom bag and you can adjust timers, but not for the 2018 257. A fix is already in the works.
  5. Very cool. Well done. How is the wiring coming?
  6. Nice!! We've installed them on several boats. Fun project.
  7. 2017 Ri 237 vs LSV25

    Sold same color boat in early MY 2017! Congrats! Classic colors that will never go out of style
  8. I saw that when I watched again. We run the 16 X 15 and few hundred feet above elevation so hopefully even better fuel economy. Maybe I'll hook up Diacomm and see..
  9. Nice video Mitch, Troy and Jack! What RPM's was Malibu running in the end?
  10. New boats

    I'll put the Fi 23 and the Ri 237 wakeboard wake up against the RZX3 or any other boat for that matter. The new Option-V hull is awesome! Drives great, clean wakeboard wake (even down to lower speeds.) And legendary surf waves!
  11. 2017 S238 rear ballast upgrade.

    ^They used to come with a lot less stickers...and NO capacity plate. When Correct Craft bought them, many more stickers covering their rear. Don't know if it's true but someone once told me each sticker represents a lawsuit. I know the bow capacity sticker is from he X-45 lawsuit in CA where the driver ran over 2 females after he chili dipped the bow.
  12. ^ or damp rid fresh scent bags if you don't have power.
  13. 1) valve is catching seal. 2) see #1. You can pinpoint by using trailer mode. Open and close the fill gates, the screen will show you if the starboard or port gate is causing the problem. Do the same for drain gates...what other error codes? 3) Hmm. Loose up top of where it meets the boat. Dealer can tighten up. 4) Removing the floor and water testing, opening ram fill, etc. you should be able to pinpoint the leak.
  14. New Fi21 on Centurion's Boat Builder

    Ramfill vents sometimes leak too. Not enough silicone or screws stripped out from factory. Look for them.
  15. My Fi23 build pics

    Love the grey and silver blue metal flake. Can't wait to see it put together!!

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