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  1. the WALKER PROJECT Double Fish Board Build

    centurioncrew.com and supremecrew.com logos
  2. 2017 Supreme Boats Models Released

    Doesn't mean I like everything. I think the new 2017 Axis dash is hideous and 5 steps backwards...
  3. 2017 Supreme Boats Models Released

    I guess I'm in the minority here. I love both. IIRC, tower folds forward.
  4. Supreme Dealer Questions

    Would have to have Roswell tower. Mike when you bring by your boat to turn on the underwater lights, then we can take it to Haxton's for surf pockets. T-is Carol's pretty good? PM me..
  5. Wish I was there....holding down the fort! Rest of the crew is in route..
  6. Supreme Dealer Questions

    S5 tower, yes, it's awesome, new quick fold latch for 2016. Very sturdy tower. Probably by special request but you won't save any $$ since it comes standard. Besides the motors, have to confirm with production about anodes, etc.. EX3 Coastal is 5.7L, the H5DI is the new 5.3L Direct Injection. You better check if you can get the H5DI Coastal, latest docs I have don't mention a Coastal for the H5DI, but I could have old docs and be wrong.
  7. The Quickfill now come with the Ramfill valves. In theory, less likely to fail!
  8. Site is still 2015 isn't it?
  9. Very cool. Simple, good looking website.
  10. Yes Quicksurf, yes full quick fill, yes full plug and play, 4 people in the boat.
  11. Must not have been clear. Yes, quick surf deployed, full ballast with plug and play. Boat loaded level...We also played around with emptying one side quick fill and listing with and without quick surf deployed.
  12. We played around with our S-21 yesterday that has quick surf. Tons of debris in the river and it's really moving but we didn't notice any spray, listed or not. Prelim. results look like the best wave comes from full quick fill and full plug and play.
  13. MC vinyl is nice and they have a lot of storage. Billet is expensive $$. I like that you can tow with the tower down and a cover that goes over the tower on MC. That MC tower also rocks front to back. Something you don't want especially wake boarding. The MC racks have gotten cheaper, no more CNC'd fingers, etc. At least FIneline's tabs are rounded. MC's are sharp. The Roswell tower is nice, Solid, has down fire, surf pockets in the bimini, LED lighting, etc. Moomba is coming out with the 'Auto Flow' surf system this coming week. Puts a nice white water line in your wave!

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