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  1. I have the same thing happen with our Falcon (similar hull design). I get it when water is a little rougher than we'd like, then we get a little bow rise and then the cavitation begins
  2. Pss shaft seal install

    I guess I figured it out myself by ordering the part you had listed - it's 1-3/4" I did this tonight, by myself - took about three hours. I removed the v-drive as it was way easier to work underneath, than with it in the way. - The local shop quoted me 12 - crazy. The worst of it was there was threadlock on the shaft/coupling. With a puller it wouldn't budge till I gave it some heat, then she popped. after that, smooth sailing!
  3. Propeller removal

    Pulley puller will do it - keep the nut on the last thread or two until the prop 'pops' - prevent it from flying off
  4. Stereo Problem

    It could be low voltage, but at idle, with two amps on low, they should be fine, even with a single battery.
  5. Stereo Problem

    Check all the fuses (On the amp chassis itself, and likely one on the positive power cable running from the battery to the amp) as always, check all connections, including remote turn on (small wire running from deck to amp)
  6. Pss shaft seal install

    Whats the stern tube diameter?
  7. Did you leave your computer unlocked at the office again?
  8. lake Questions, Edmonton and Columbia?

    I've heard Windermere is too low to launch - so I suspect Columbia is too
  9. Off Season Fitness Challenge

    Oops 36 isn't so bad, I was pushing 40!
  10. Off Season Fitness Challenge

    Is it time to check in? I haven't managed to lose any weight at all! In fact, I've gained about 10lbs, but lost about 2-1/2 inches on the waist - so all in, I guess I'm not complaining! Wake up feeling great, can get out and be active for hours and not feel wiped!
  11. New avatars

    We're hoping to take ours off this year...
  12. New avatars

    You've got mail (It's actually a request for your next avatar update)
  13. New avatars

    And after posting - I realized it's me in my picture!
  14. New avatars

    I should probably quit using my ex's picture anyways
  15. Wiring Amps

    According to PA 2200 75A (3x25) fuses 1600 60A (2x30) fuses 2000 60A (2x30) fuses Presuming you're not going very far from your battery - I'd use a 4GA for the 2200, but you probably don't need to - biggers always better right? On the remote wire, I've always used 16/18 GA - be careful not to load up too many amps/EQ etc to the remote from the deck or you may burn it out - it has a very low output - after 3 amps\EQs I've always used a relay.

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