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  1. replaced head unit

    I'm going to check the tower speaker cable, I noticed it was starting to dangle out the bottom of the tower, Hopefully it was just pinched or something while the tower was down in storage, Ive already found some good info. I'm going to make sure all my audio is connected to the same battery I heard that could be an issus and I'll turn all the amp knobs down. I have a pair of older wetsound tower speakers, I bridged a 4 channel amp to a 2 channel and connected 1 RCA cable per speaker from the head unit to the 1 and 2 channels. I dont need more then 1 rca per speaker correct? Also i cant get my head around this 4ohm 2ohm 8 ohm thing, not sure what my amp says min. is 4 ohm for a bridged 2 channel. does that mean i need to change something with my wetsound tower speakers? thanks guys
  2. replaced head unit

    So we decided to get a new head unit with bluetooth to run all our music that way now, got it all hooked up tonight. Got a MEXN5000BT not marine so we'll see how long it holds up in there. I thought my old sony wire remote rm-x55 would still work with it but the new head unit has a SiriusXM Satellite radio connector instead of the unlink the stock one had. Well the remote cable still worked so i have some dash control, but i dont really need them since my phone would control it all. Just wondering if you who have stock rm-x55 remotes in your dash still keep them there or if you have removed them, and if you have removed them then what do you do with that hole in your dash now. side note, can anyone send me somewhere to learn how to tune an amp, my protection keeps tripping and i cant figure it out?
  3. Quick question, when I flip the blower on my stereo goes quiet. What do you think my issue is? It is a brand new problem that wasn't there before. The only thing different is the blower made a few weird sounds when I tested everything out of storage this season. It sounds fine now though.
  4. I'm going to get a new 882751 fuse and see if that is the issuse the problem has been on and off. Glad you found your issues.
  5. I don't know if I will be of any help but I'm at the lake right now. We just took the kids out boarding then everyone wanted to jump in when I tried to start it, it didn't It cranked over just like always. There was a sound missing though. When I usually start the boat and turn the key on I hear the fuel pump prime the system this time I did not here it. I tried for 5-10 minutes wiggling all the cable connections I could be under the hatch. Then out I turn the key and I heard the fuel pump prime the system. Away I went and didn't shut down the engine for the rest of the session I felt lucky to get it started again. Now it's at the dock and I can look under the hood, any ideas where to go from here? This could be the problem you are having. Do you hear that fuel pump priming the system sound? I don't know the fix because I wiggled every connection I'm not sure which connection fixed it or even if that is what fixed it. Check for that fuel pump sound! Someone else post where we sound look next if that is our issue! Thanks
  6. So what is it that I need to order if my fuel system booster works 90% of the time the other 10% I have to go wiggle the wires? Anyone have this issuse?
  7. No my dad said it sounds like a fuel booster. I've heard the perfect pass wined up it's not that
  8. Last season I installed the ADD a Battery system from blue sea, I did my best to plug it in correctly and last year it ran fine. This season my batteries were dead, I tried to use float chargers but i guess they were to dead before i installed them. I charged up the batteries, I figured if i plugged the charger it would just automatically charge both batteries but the radio and lights and stuff still had low power after a complete charge, the radio would turn on then off then on then off, the lights were very dim and the horn would only honk for a sec. So i charge the other battery, nothing changed, if i put the battery switch to combine everything works, but that defeats the purpose of the dual batteries correct? not sure if the batteries are bad or if i did my system wrong. is anyone familiar with the blue sea add a battery system i have the automatic charging relay plugged into both positives of the batteries, both batteries are grounded together and grounded to the starter, the positive cable from the starter connects to the battery switch which has two positives coming out to each battery. any help would be great, but i'll start with making sure the batteries are good.
  9. yesturday while starting up my boat, i had a buddy ask me what that sound was during the start up, not while cranking but when i turn the key to the on position. It's always done it so i know its normal, just never really cared about what it was until my friend asked and i didn't know. I think its like the fuel pump starting up or charging with fuel, it sounds like a pump or a bilge pump kind of. If you know what it is i'd love to know. Also while i was at the lake last year we got stuck in not being able to start the boat, it would crank but not start. I realized after awhile i wasn't hearing that sound when i turn the key to the on position, I went to the back and wiggled all the connections and then it make the sound and started no problem. Is there anything thing i should replace or have on hand in case there is something that might be going out? thanks for your knowledge in advance.
  10. Fast surf boards for big guys

    Great I bought a board that isn't gonna work for me!!!! Its okay my crew/family consists of about 14 other riders who are at the heaviest 180, I'm the only big guy in the group. I hope to prove you wrong and rip it on my monster wake but we will see, ill post a video when I get back so you guys can make fun of me!
  11. Fast surf boards for big guys

    I just got a cheap broadcast 4'9" am I gonna be disappointed im 6'3" 265lbs. I couldn't shell out 500+ on something I've never tried.
  12. Ballast setup for a 07 sv 216

    I am guessing the three hoses are IN, OUT, and VENT not sure though. I say this because I have 6 holds on the outside of my boat when my tanks are full three start emptying out and when I press the empty button the other 3 holes empty. So 1 tank has two holes on the outside of the boat. Do I make any sense hahaha sorry if i didn't.
  13. That break runs everything in my boat except the ignition I always trip it to cut off power the the toggle switches and stuff so they don't mistakenly get bumped. There is also one in my engine compartment for the ignition and I just broke the stud off is and need to get a new one any ideas where?
  14. I got this great idea to install my own power in the engine compartment to the water puppy from a circuit breaker back there and a ground on the motor. well all was going great until that darn circuit breakers stud broke out of the plastic on me. I'll be off to west marine tomorrow hopefully they have one in stock. We'll that's how it goes with a boat I guess. Once I get the Circuit breaker installed and the cables hooked up, I will turn the toogle on the dash on for what tank I want filled and then turn the toggle I installed in the engine compartment to kick on the pump. This is a quick fix until I can get to my dealer! 2 weeks at the lake on friday!!!! boo yaaa
  15. Alright I got one pump to work filled the filter with water and cleaned the valves, i think the valves were the main problem with that side. So the other night when we finished messing with things the other pump slowly died and then i called it quits. Today when I tried again the pump wouldn't even turn on . I got the wire tester and couldn't get any power in either pump actually even though the other one was turning on. sooo I checked all the fuses under the dash and they were all good I couldn't get the darn pump to turn on so i figured i burnt it up or something and cut it out of the boat! I hooked it up to a battery and the pump turns on. Sweet! i don't need a new pump but now how the heck do I get power to the freaking pump? I leave in 3 days I need any input ASAP Guys thanks! BTW the other pump has a fuse in the fuse block so why would this pump be anywhere else? I am stumped need to more input please

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