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  1. Hi, I have a 2005 T5 Air Warrior that came with the Ski pylon but it was not installed in the boat. I'm looking to to do that but just want to be sure on use of the right bolts. There are 12 bolts required. I found one 3/8" x 2" bolt in the glove box which is a grade 5 that fits the threads in the fiberglass structure. My question is, should I just use all grade 5 or go to grade 8 for improved yield and tensile strength, or use 18-8 stainless, sacrificing yield strength but improved rust protection. I'm leaning toward the grade 8. Also, I was planning on using blue loctite rather than red in case I want to remove the pylon. Finally, a few of the female threaded holes need to be chased so my plan is to use a heli-coil on them. Any input on the question of which bolts to use, type of loctite and use of heli-coil would be hugely appreciated.

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