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  1. Hello, Recently acquired a 2011 C4 Avalanche and after driving for a few days(about 7 hrs total) a few observations that i hope someone can help clarify: 1. Noticed the boat lists to Starboard when i engage the throttle. Is this from the prop torque? If so how do i compensate? 2. I seem to have all the ballasts (rear port is full hard tank, rear stbd is half hard tank, plus mid of both and single fwd ballast for total of 5). finding wake is quite messy on port(reg) side and much cleaner on the goofy side. Do i just have to play with the weight/ballast and fine tune it to get to the happy place? for this past weekend surfed with all tanks 100% full. New to surfing so hoping to get some people that have a similar boat and can help! 3. What is the minimum safe depth to operate this boat(or lake gets quite shallow at end of summer) Thanks to anyone that can help!

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