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  1. Hey-yo! Scoured the forums and couldn't find these answers. If answered previously, apologies and please link! Looking at ordering a new RI245, but first time boat buyer here. Would love some feedback and thoughts on the process. That way I don't feel unprepared going in to buy a big boy boat. I have been told that for ordering a new custom boat for an April '21 delivery, now is the best time pricing wise because they can fill their winter manufacturing schedule. True? How accurate is JD Power NADA Guides? From what I can tell it is similar to TrueCar, and I should be able to expect 20% of MSRP (RI237 123k -> 98 and RI257 147k -> 117k) Because the RI245 is new to this year, does that throw a curveball? I have heard COVID is causing lots of demand in boating, any idea how much that will impact price? How much should I expect to pay for upgraded audio? Any other tips you would give me? Thank you thank you!

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