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  1. New 2011 avalanche c4

    Yep I have tried something very similar to yours but I was very uneasy about it being over so Far. May just load up with ballast and possibly a infinity wave in the future.
  2. New 2011 avalanche c4

    I have hard tanks under the the seats both sides. Do you have side swipe? Also what shaper do you use as mybswell shaper doesn't fit the hull.
  3. New 2011 avalanche c4

    Whoa. Thanks for the reply. That's really leaning over a lot more than I would be happy with especially letting other people drive while I'm having a surf. Wave does look impressive though. Do you have side swipe?
  4. Hi everyone. I have recently picked up a avalanche. I have a lot of questions regarding it. First of all, a bit about the boat. I have the 343 motor, 5 hard ballast tanks and the pro vision dash, side swipe and adjustable Bennett trim tab. Now I have done a lot of research about what ballast everyone is running and there are so many conflicting answers. I have looked on wakemakers at all the options available. Can any one point me in what way I should go. We will surf both sides so happy for ballast to be same both sides. All the bags I see dont appear to have a cut out for my side swipe exhaust. I am also struggling with understanding the pump mods to make them fill quicker.( I have just fitted 2 new green impellors). I have tried listing it and I'm not really happy with other people driving it listed. I'm thinking weighted evenly and a suck gate? Also for listing how far should it be listed? Will start with all of that. Thanks

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