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  1. New RI237 owner

    Cool. Thanks for the info. Cant wait to get back on the lake. Yeah we have a couple Malibu's with crew I ride with but after they rode behind the Centurion. A lot of chatter on who is next to jump. Thanks again. Let you know how set up goes.
  2. New RI237 owner

    Working on it. HA.
  3. New RI237 owner

    Thanks for the great info. I did stumble on to the Boardco vids. They def helped. SurfOsoyoos, great feedback. I see you run a RI257. Sick boat. I am going to dial up settings tomorrow when we jump on lake. I wonder how they will translate to 237. Also boat is a 19' but didn't come built with cats. Might affect a little bit. Thoughts? Cant wait to ride. Really love the boat. Huge upgrade from Malibu products. In my opinion.
  4. New RI237 owner

    Recently Purchased a RI237. Looking for best surf setups. Boat has Ramfill and Plug play rears. Also have 500#'s of lead but have not used yet. regular footed riders. basic set up 10.9 - 11.2 mph, stinger plate 18 -22, tab 65 - 70 / 0 on opposite tab. typical crew 4 people. Just wondering what others are running> Much appreciated. stoked to be in the Centurian family. Old boat was an Axis A22. huge diff right out of the box.

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