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Adding surf tabs to a 2011 Avalanche

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CenturyRide    0

I’m thinking of retrofitting my Avy and adding surf tabs. I’ve done some research and saw some aftermarket options. The go surf assist seems to have pretty good reviews, but they are around $4,500. I was thinking of just buying some used centurion tabs online and attaching struts to them. There’s also switches out there for adjusting the tabs which are pretty cheap. I figure I could probably make it all with these parts for around 1,200-1,500. Any thoughts on this? The main problem that I foresee is the swim platform getting in the way. Regarding that topic. Has anyone raised their swim platform? I think it will start to get in the way once I weigh the boat down a lot more and have the tab push one side down. Any thoughts? 

These are ones’s in looking at:



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Troy. R    198

I guess it’s worth a shot on the tabs. Just make sure the tabs you get aren’t bent to match the contoured of the Opti-V hull. The tabs for a 2017 ri or a Supreme S238 should work since those boats have a similar hull design to yours.

On the swim platform, you’re probably right. Without ballast, the platform on the newer Centurions/Supremes sit pretty high out of the water. Probably 5” or so I’d guess. There was a guy on here that did raise his platform like 10-12yrs ago. You might be able to find that thread with the search feature.

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