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Hi everyone, I just got a 2011 Avalanche. I’m looking to upgrade the speaker system a bit. Looking to add 4 Rev 10’s (300 wats RMS at 4 ohms) with 2 HTX-6 amps.  

It currently have 4 Kicker BKM60 speaker (50 RMS at 4 ohms) and, a 12” kicker sub (not sure on the parameters) and a Wetsounds HTX-6 amp. This is all powered by 2 interstate batteries (24M-XHD, 1000 cranking amps, reserve capacity 135). 

1. My question is if there’s enough juice in those two batteries, or will I need to add more batteries? 

2. If more batteries are needed any idea on how to link them? All tied together in a sting, or have a common connection point?

3. is there any pug-in charging system that someone could recommend for charging all these batteries at the same time. Something that I could build into the boat with a plug on the outside that I could just plug a cable into. 

4. Is there a need to upgrade the alternator or is the stock one good enough? 

here’s some pictures of what I have 


Anyone know how to upload photos here? The limit is like 200kb. My images are like 7mb each

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