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Please help identifying engine specifics - 2001 Elite V

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Hello all, first thanks for this forum - such a wonderful resource!  I've spent time over a couple days researching a few issues I'm having and am running into some issues I'm hoping folks here can help with.  I own a 2001 Elite V that I got from a dude that got it from a dude... boat wasn't maintained well, didn't have records, but was dirt cheap so I took the risk.  I've owned it for about 3 years now and haven't had any real problems with it, but I also don't use it much.  Getting to the point... I set out this week to do some preventative maintenance.  Changed the engine oil and V-drive oil, and currently working on the impeller.  While getting the sea water pump out, I found a tag on the engine block that said "Quicksilver Repower" with a date of 12/19/2006, leading me to believe that this boat has had an engine swap at some point.  Also, I decided to change the serpentine belt and found a water hose that needs replacing, but am having trouble identifying which parts to use because of the engine swap.  I'm hoping someone here can point me to exactly which engine I have so I can find a manual for future parts/maintenance needs.  Also would be great if someone could help ID which belt I need and where to get the replacement hose.  

Please see the pics for the hose details.  The hose runs from very close to the pump housing inlet to what looks like one side of the v-drive.  This hose would be blocked from view when the two hoses are attached to the sea water pump housing.  

TLDR... possible aftermarket engine?  What serpentine belt do I need?  Can anyone ID this frayed hose?



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