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Just signed a contract to purchase a 2016 Centurion SV233 and on the water test this fault code popped up on the screen and then went away. Ramfill worked on both the port and starboard.   Purchasing from a non-Centurion dealer so wanted to know if someone else has had this issue pop up?  

Screen said, "Ram Circuit Fault - A PDM circuit fault has occurred with one or more of the valves - please stop the ballast and investigate."

Any advice would be appreciated.

Thank you.

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It probably doesn't matter to you anymore. In any case, all errors of this kind need to be double-checked. Understand whether the malfunction is one-time or systematic. What you are describing sounds like a limit switch failure on one of the dampers. It is also possible that the damper jams after a long period of inactivity. When parking for a long time, ramfill sashes must be lubricated with a special lubricant that does not destroy rubber. Do not use penetrating sprays such as "WD-40" or oil based lubricants as this will cause the seals to swell and you will not be able to close the damper again after opening.

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