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Possible purchase of a 05 Enzo

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Hey Everyone,  considering buying a 05 Enzo.  Its got 100 hours on it.  Major upgrade from our 02 Cal air direct drive....

Been wakeboarding most of my life... have four kids now so needed a bigger boat and one that did not swamp as easily when the bow was loaded...

It would be awesome if someone could dial me in on info for that year...


Pros? cons?


Things to look out for... are the hulls different between 05 and 08?  Are the props undersized for that year?



Any info be very appreciated!

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jtryon    24

i believe the 1.46:1 vdrive started in '06 so you might be out of luck on that and have a 1:1.  props are undersized every year when we're putting thousands of pounds more ballast in than the factory did back then :D  speaking of ballast, i think the enzo had a better ballast pump setup but i could be wrong--check if each ballast bag has individual pumps for drain and fill or if it's a "sprinkler" style ballast system where one pump fills them all.   sprinkler style is less desirable, but upgradable.

does it have sideswipe exhaust?  by now it's probably not working if it does have it, but it's LOUD even with mufflers.  many choose to delete it and do an FAE-style exhaust out the rear.

they didn't use the best interior vinyl back then either, so check that closely to see if it's all dried out or if they kept it in good shape, or even better if it's been replaced already. 

solid boats otherwise, there's just some typical maintenance things that tend to happen on all of them but this forum can solve most of those.  for instance, IAC valve replacement, worn water pump housing internals causing priming issues for the cooling system.

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