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Surf capabilities of 2014 - 2016 SV233

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kdsteele    0

I am considering the purchase of a used 2014 - 2016 Centurion SV233. (Budget $80k or less) If you own one of these or have experience with them, I would appreciate your feedback.

These models were available with RamFill, CATS, QuickSurf Tabs, Asymmetrical Center Plate and PNP.

1.) If I understand correctly, PNP refers to bags that are in addition to the plastic tanks. How are these extra bags filled and emptied? Is it done with RamFill or pumps?

2.) We will primarily use the boat for surfing. With all available ballast full, is it possible to create a decent wave on both sides by only adjusting 
QuickSurf, CATS and the Asymmetrical Plate?  Does this system adjust quick enough to allow a rider to transfer from one side to the other while surfing?

3.) I've heard the Enzo's have a better wave on the port side - can I get a good goofy wave by adjusting ballast and the other surf systems? 

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Troy. R    198

The Enzo 233 was one of the best surf boats on the market when new. The Enzo hull does better with a lean (all of the ballast on the surf side full and only a little weight on the off side) than filling everything using surf tabs like the newer boats.

1) PnP are the bags on top of the Ramfill tanks. They are pump fed.

2) I've never surfed an Enzo with surf tabs, but as previously stated, my understanding is that your best wave is going to be with the old traditional lean. Using surf tabs you should be able to switch side to side, but honestly, once you've done that a few times the novelty wears off and you won't do it. We messed with that a few times when we first bought our boat, but don't mess with it at all anymore.

3) My understanding is that with CATS you can make a pretty good goofy wave.

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kdsteele    0

Thanks Troy. I appreciate all the knowledge you have shared on this forum over the years.  I was hoping for some feedback from some SV233 owners, but I guess forums have gone the way of the dinosaur, lol.  That's a shame as old posts on places like FB are not searchable, to my knowledge. 

There is a SV233 somewhat near me, but it doesn't have surf tabs or PNP bags.  I have been reading about the Infinity Wave tabs.  Do you know if aftermarket tabs could be added and still controlled by the factory digital screens without adding any aftermarket type controllers? Same questions about the PNP bags - if a boat is factory ordered without them, could pumps, hoses and bags be added and controlled from the factory digital screens?

Thanks for your expertise.

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