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Adam Howden-Duke

running Centurion Avalanche in the ocean

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Hi, I am wondering whether I can run my 2009 Avalanche (dopes not have closed loop cooling) in the ocean if I install a fresh water line such as the one in the pic below (from another member on this forum) allowing me to flush the engine with fresh water immediately after each use.  I'd be grateful for any thoughts & advice from anyone else who has looked at this.

Many thanks in advance, 

fresh water line.jpg

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Troy. R    198

Hey Adam,
Short answer, yes.

You'll also want to add sacrificial anodes to your underwater gear. see link below:
https://www.piratescave.co.uk/blogs/blog/what-are-anodes-on-a-boat-used-for/#:~:text=Boat anodes are an essential,- aluminium%2C magnesium and zinc.

In addition to flushing the engine, I would thoroughly clean the underwater gear and trailer after each use in salt water. You really don't need to add the fresh water line to be honest, you could do the same with a Fake-a-Lake.

You probably already know, but running your boat in salt water will significantly devalue it to most potential future buyers if/when you decide to sell.

I hope that helps. Best of luck!

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