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Sun deck / storage locker replacement

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TexP51    6

2002 Centurion Elite V-Drive C4

She’s twenty years old and running great.  
On back of boat has large sun deck area with center manual engine cover, and on left and right the sun decks open as storage lockers using gas lifts.  On one side the plywood has rotted and piano hinge has pulled out. Repaired with SS screw multiple times. But not much to work with anymore.  Would like to just replace all the deck covers back there.  Couple of questions to the group:

1) Anyone have experience replacing entire deck cover, or do most people just take it to a trim shop?

2) Does anyone have deck templates for DIY they’d be willing to share?

3) Is there a better material than marine-grade plywood these days?  


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JMB119    0

Tex - had to do the same thing for all three compartments and the missing bow rider insert on my 07 Avalanche C4. Ended up using 3/4" HDPE. It was expensive, but I know it's not going anywhere and you can work it like wood. I used a jigsaw, router, and orbital sander to make mine. If yours have deteriorated to where you can't trace them, I would suggest using cardboard to make a template. Don't forget to allow space around the edges for the upholstery to wrap around. Also, there is about an 1/8" "notch" along the piano hinge. I can try to dig up some pictures of mine if that will help.

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TexP51    6

JMB - Really appreciate you taking the time to respond.  That sounds like really the only successful way to do the repair is in using marine HDPE, compared to replacing with plywood again.  Couple questions -

1) Did you use just a hardware grade SS piano hinge, or did you find a source for a marine grade hinge?  I saw where West Marine use to have some marine grade hinges listed, but wondering if there any real difference.  

2) Did you use white HDPE?  Thinking that will be better than the black for reducing reflective surface heat, even with vynal upholstery covering it.  

3) For your engine cover did you drill completely through the HDPE and that work okay using flush screws under the upholstery, or just use wood screws to secure the hinges to the cover?

Appreciate any feedback. - TexP51


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