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Ri245 Goofy side surf wave set up?

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4Newfs    0

Just took our new 2022 Ri245 our for the first several times this past week.  Love the boat, but coming from a different brand, so we're trying to find the correct setup (ballast, stinger plate, surf tabs, and speed) for goofy side riders?  We've got a great wave on the regular riders' side (good push, good shape, etc.), but the goofy side, while looking like it's a great wave, seems to have almost not push. 

We're running with ram fills full, center tank full, plug-n-plays (locker bags) full, and we also have 400 lbs of lead (200 in rear bag locker, and 200 lbs about midship). Standard surf tab set up to start (70 on opposite side), and we've tried the stinger all the way from 0 to 70.  LIke I said, the wave looks great, but our riders on the goofy side say their is no push.

I'm sure I'm missing something simple, but if any of you have the magic potion (setup), I'd be very interested in knowing what your recipe is.



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Angel00Fish    1

We have only been out this last week as well on our new Ri245, but our goofy side is rocking!

Rams Full, Goofy side rear bag - Full, Port side rear bag - 90%

Center & Front P&P @50%

Cat -2

Stinger 20

Speed 10.9-11.1

NO LEAD and anywhere from 4-6 adults so far.....

These boats are awesome!  I hope you find something that works.

(I've attached ALL of the recommendations I've found online....we haven't tried all of them yet.)


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4Newfs    0

Thanks for the info Angel00Fish!  Sounds like we're definitely in the ballpark.  Won't be able to try it out again until early next week.  But we'll put your recipe in the computer and see what we can make of things.

Great to hear you're enjoying your boat as well.  These machines really are fantastic!

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