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Need Guideance on Ballast System - 2010 SV230

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FloridaKev    0

I'm the proud new owner of a 2010 SV230 and I'm having difficulty with understanding the ballast system. The owner I purchased from wasn't very helpful in providing guidance and while I feel like I'm fairly capable of figuring these types of basic things out, this system has me stumped. 

What I do know:

- This model has the "quick fill" tanks in the rear storage area controlled by a seacock t-handle valve.

- There are two bags plumbed mid-ship under the seats. These are both controlled by the two rocker switches on the dash.

- There are two additional ballast switches on the dash panel that are labeled rear port/starboard ballast. 

- There seems to be a tank plumbed into the floor as there is a hose immediately under the drivers seat

What I don't know and need guidance on:

- From what I read it seems as though the "quick fill" tanks simply use gravity to fill and empty them. However, there is what seems to be a ballast hose plumbed into the each one and I have no clue what that hose is for. 

- The two mid-ship bags fill as they should but don't seem to empty more than 50%. There seems to be a decent amount of air in each bag. Not sure if this is the cause for them not emptying all the way. 

- I have the provision version 1 control panel and on there it has a ballast level. Is this measuring the gravity fill tanks or the bags or all? When the bags were seemingly full, the indicator on the screen only showed about 1/2 of the ballast filled. 

- Is there a tank plumbed into the floor of this model? If so, how does this get filled? 

I was hoping I'd be able to order a pair of enzo sacs from wavemakers to fill from the mid-ship all the way the lockers in the rear but when I removed the access panel in the rear starboard locker, it seems as though there is only 6 or so inches of clearance from the locker to the mid-ship area. The enzo bag shows to be 12" tall at that section which means it would get pinched. 

Bottom line, I purchased the sv230 after reading numerous reviews on this hull producing the biggest surf wave of it's time, but I'm growing frustrated on trying to figure out how to get this damn thing surfing. lol Any help or guidance would be greatly appreciated!

And if anyone on here is located in the Tampa/Clearwater area and wants to make some extra money helping me figure this all out and get the ballast rocking, definitely shoot me a message. 

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Troy. R    193

First off, congrats! Enzo’s are sweet boats!

I’m not 100% familiar with the ballast system in your boat, and whether or not it has been modified, but I’ll do my best. The quick fill is gravity fed. The ballast hose you see coming from the quick fill is likely a vent line.

These boats did come from the factory with 250# hard tanks in the lockers (port/starboard ballast switches) that were covered by a porch of plywood wrapped in carpet. You can remove the board and the tank and replace with 1100# fatsacs that will fill the lockers.

On the midship bags and the fill % on the dash, if it is like my Supreme, the % full is just a timer. It is not monitoring the actual amount of water in the bags. In that case, the ballast time should be adjustable.

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