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2022 Boatmate Trailer Suspension Measurements

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Looking for someone who has access to and could grab a few measurements for me. I’m trying to determine if the morryde cre3000 rubber equalizers will fit the leaf sprung boatmate trailer.

For 2022, torsion springs are an option, leaf springs are standard. I like leaf springs as they equally share the load across both axles on uneven ground, are easily rebuildable, and the trailer doesn’t need to be level, unfortunately they’re noisy and I believe are rougher then torsion springs. Torsions are very quiet, seem quite smooth IMO, but on uneven ground will not load share and can easily overload an axle, for this reason too the trailer must be pulled perfectly level. The morryde cre3000 and wet bolt kit should quiet the trailer down and help absorb the road shock that the metal on metal leafs won’t. 

The link shows a few measurements, but I need Center to Center of axles, bolt spacing on the equalizer, shackle length, leaf springs width and possibly tire to fender clearance, although im sure I could just reposition the fenders if need be. I will try and contact boatmate directly if nobody can get me this info, Thanks


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